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3 Successful Video Marketing Campaigns for Amazing Results

Videos are the most effective and engaging type of content to use in your digital marketing campaigns. But if you’re new to using videos to promote your brand, you’re probably wondering how to get started. Here are three winning video marketing campaign types that you can apply today to grow your awareness, skyrocket your sales, and improve customer retention.

Before you start your campaign, make sure you have a very clear goal in mind. Do you want to improve your brand awareness or increase the conversion rate? Maybe you want to improve your customer retention or close more sales.

Although you probably want to achieve all of these, you have to make sure you set only one specific goal for each of your video campaigns. Videos work best if they are made with a particular objective in mind.

Video Marketing Campaign to Increase Awareness

If you’ve launched a new product or you want to announce your brand to a wider audience, you might want to start with an awareness campaign. That type of campaign would introduce your business and get your name out there. There are many types of videos you can use to produce the result you’re looking for. Here are three of the most popular ones.

Video Types

Explainer animation

Educational videos


Optimal Length: 15-60 seconds

Website (“home” or “about us” page)

◉ Instagram (as Reels)

◉ Youtube (Shorts)


Metrics to Monitor:

◉ Engagement

◉ Reach

◉ Video Views

Campaign Goal:

Make sure that you set your goal to be getting page likes, post engagement clicks, or even better – video plays. Since the video is not intended to sell, setting your goal for conversion will only cost you ad money. For social media ads for awareness campaigns, I’d recommend if your video is 15-30 seconds long.

Remember that our number one goal here is to make a great first impression, so avoid selling anything directly.

A great thing about videos like these is that you can repurpose them. You can cut different parts of your video and use it as social media content or add it to your newsletter campaign.

Video Marketing Campaign to Boost Sales

Sales videos are great for improving your conversion rate and presenting your product in the best light.

Video Types

Business Explainers

◉ Product videos

Optimal Length: 15-30 seconds

◉ Website (service/product pages)

◉ Google Shopping Ads

◉ Direct Emails

◉ Newsletters

Campaign Goal: Conversions

These videos are at the bottom stage of the funnel, so the video should show all the benefits your products or services deliver and how they would solve someone’s problem. Then close with a compelling CTA. We strongly recommend that you create a high-converting landing page that your viewers are directed to after watching the video.

Remember that the goal of the video is to sell the click, and the goal of your landing page is to close the sale. So, don’t underestimate the effect of the landing page.

Regarding the length, the shorter the video is – the better. Since we want to make a sale through it we want to keep the viewer’s attention till the end.

Retargeting with Video

Usually, customers need to have at least a few touchpoints with your brand before purchasing. Buying a product the first time you hear about it is highly unlikely. This is where retargeting campaigns come in. This strategy produces excellent results at a low cost.

Video Types

Animated Series



Optimal Length: 15-20 seconds

Retargeting campaigns can be run on Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Twitter as well. The channel you choose ned to be the one where your target audience spends the majority of their time.


People who’ve already seen your awareness or sales videos.

Campaign Goal: Conversions

All three of these campaigns will work wonders for your business goals. However, before you start any of them, you need to make sure you know your target audience. This will help you create engaging and effective video content for your marketing campaigns that speak directly to your dream client. To help you learn more about your target viewers and the importance of segments, we’ve created this FREE eBook that you can download below.

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