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Communicate the value of your product effectively through the power of animated explainer video.

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Audiences understand about
95% of a brand message if it is
delivered through an explainer video.


78% of businesses drove
more traffic to their website
after including an explainer video.


85% of consumers are more
likely to buy a product once
they see an explainer video about it.


Eight out of ten people have
purchased a piece of software or
an app after learning about it from a video.

What is an Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video is a short animation, crafted specifically with the intention of illustrating or clarifying an idea, product or service in a straightforward and captivating way.

What's the goal of an explainer video?

The objective of one of these videos is to quickly grab the attention of the target audience; this is done with the help of a clear and concise script, combined with an engaging, dynamic, and memorable visual production. Animated explainer videos can serve different goals – from raising brand awareness to generating leads and increasing sales.

Why are Explainer videos effective?

With your audience’s eyes glued to the screen, it becomes much easier to educate and inform them about what you and your business can provide. Animation has the ability to illustrate your consumers’ pain points in a relatable way, as well as demonstrate even the most complex solution in an approachable and easy-to-understand visual language.

How can an explainer video help me?

Animated explainer videos are an amazing tool to reach your business goals and increase the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

Increase Awareness

You have a great product or service that no one knows about? Time to change that! Bring your message to wider audiences and connect with the right people through the universally understood language of animation.

Increase Sales

Want to boost conversions? Deliver your message to the right people and help them make an informed purchasing decision. Tackle your clients’ pain points and convince them you have the perfect solution.

Increase Traffic

With the help of explainer animations, your audiences can find you faster and stay on your website longer. Adding a video to your homepage lowers bounce rates by keeping your viewers engaged, while also increasing your SEO.

Why should I choose Kashu to produce my Explainer Video?

Our clients describe us as an explainer video production company that creates amazing experiences. Simplify the complex with a high-quality, unique explainer video crafted by our talented professionals.


Increase in conversion in less than 1 year

Our process.

animated explainer video


We uncover your goals, challenges, and strong points; pinpoint your dream clients and their motivation. We hatch a detailed action plan and conceptualize a video identity.

animated explainer video


Informed by a strong understanding of your brand, customer avatar, and objectives, we develop the elements of the video, such as script, voiceover, style, and visual narrative.

animated explainer video


Based on research findings and strategic insights, we deliver the final product designed to reach your target viewers and achieve your specific business goals.

Frequently Asked

What is the difference between a explainer video and a commercial video ad?

Explainer videos are designed to showcase a product or service, without necessarily selling. While explainer animations can help increase conversions, they don’t have to contain a sales pitch or a pushy call to action. The language in explainers sounds more sincere and transparent, as opposed to the promotional speak in ads. In the end, explainer videos should help clients get to know your business, rather than feel pressured to buy.

What is my role in the process?

Our team of professionals handles all the steps in the process – from designs to animations, while keeping you in the loop at all times. In case you don’t have a script, our professional copywriters can craft one. All coordination, planning, and organization are handled by our project managers, that schedule feedback meeting with you on a regular basis and at your convenience. We might also request logos, brand book, or other additional materials from you.

What are the Kashu guarantees?

On-of-a-kind: As our designs are made in-house by our team of creatives, your video will be completely unique and designed according to your specific goals and requirements.

On brand: We create eye-catching designs for our videos that are consistent with your brand message and created to appeal to your specified target audience.

On time: At Kashu we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. So we guarantee to meet yours.

Three free revisions: Client satisfaction is important to us!

Complete ownership: At the end of the day, the explainer video, designs, and additional materials are yours and yours alone. That’s why we make sure you always have access to and ownership of the designs, documents, and animations that we’ve created for you.

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