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7 Essential After Effects Expressions

(+ FREE Cheat Sheet)

Let’s talk about After Effects Expressions. Expressions are pieces of JavaScript code that automate certain processes in After Effects and even unlock some hidden “magic”. Ina’s going to show you the top seven expressions she uses the most and add a cheat sheet that you can download by clicking the button.

You can add After Effects expressions from the Timeline panel as shown below. Each expression goes to a specific property, that we show in the guide and the cheat sheet.


This expression lets you create a counter in your animation. You can copy and paste the code for this expression in the Source Text Property.

fter effects expression numbers


This expression allows you to automate the creation of a cool bouncing effect. To add it, paste the code into the Scale Property.

fter effects expression bounce


With this After Effects expression, you can create an adorable wiggle animation, that loops. To create it, paste the code on the Position Property.

After Effects expression wiggle


You can make shapes elastic – to deform and react to movements – with this expression. Paste the code from the cheat sheet into the Position and Scale Properties.

after effects expression elastic


Use this expression to create a movement along the grid. It’s also called Pacman after the way the yellow dot moves. Paste the code for this expression in Position Property.

After Effects Expression grid pacman

Stop Motion

Do you want to animate an object in a way that imitates stop motion? Paste this expression code into the Position, Scale, Rotation, and Opacity Properties.

After Effects Expression grid pacman


The expression automates the opacity of a shape so it can look like it’s blinking. Paste the code into the Opacity Property.

After Effects Expression grid pacman

These are Ina’s favorite, most often used After Effects expressions. If you want to use them, check out the video tutorial above and download the cheat sheet to help you with your own animation projects. And if you still haven’t – subscribe to our YouTube channel, where Ina shared more animation tutorials.

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