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Gain reputation by presenting your product or service with the help of sleek, professional-looking motion graphics.

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SaaS companies’ proposals that include
a video in their investor pitches see
41% higher success rate.


67% of all explainer videos
produced worldwide per year
are business presentation videos.


73% of B2B companies report excellent
ROI after using a corporate video
for their marketing campaigns.


Marketers get an annual increase
of 66% in quality leads if they
include a corporate video.

What is a business explainer video?

A business explainer video is a type of animated explainer that aims to tell your stakeholders, potential investors, for instance, or other industry professionals more about your business in a way that shows reliability and competence.

What's the goal of a corporate animation?

Above all, the main goal of a corporate video is to establish trust in your company. It can be used as a pitch in front of investors that you want to bring onboard your start-up or it can be an efficient presentation tool in front of shareholders or potential buyers.

Why are corporate animations effective?

Corporate animations can make complex problems easy to understand and therefore offer suitable solutions. Moreover, they can also assist in making information clear and concise, as well as help your business or company build a stellar reputation.

How can a business explainer video help me?

If you want to persuade your audience and help them reach a decision, use business explainers to present your data. Most importantly, its quick, clear, and engaging format will help you stand out from the competition and deliver your message effectively.

Increase Investment Opportunities

Enhance your elevator pitch with amazing graphics and animation to convince potential investors that your business is reliable and deserves funding. Illustrate who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart from others in your industry through an engaging and memorable video.

Grow Your Business

Stand out in your email or presentations with a high-quality video to reach potential buyers and expand your brand outreach. Add professional motion graphics to your index page or social media and show your company’s expertise in your niche market.

Increase Conversions

If you want to reach potential buyers for your business-to-business, then corporate animation is the best way to demonstrate the worth of your product or service. Focussing on how you can improve your viewer’s life will increase your sales.

Why should I choose Kashu to produce my business explainer?

We have an extensive experience in making corporate videos for multiple startups and corporations. We know how to reach your target viewers and help you grow your business with the help of animated videos.

Our business explainer video process.

animated explainer video


We uncover your goals, challenges, and strong points; pinpoint your dream clients and their motivation. We hatch a detailed action plan and conceptualize a video identity.

animated explainer video


Informed by a strong understanding of your brand, customer avatar, and objectives, we develop the elements of the video, such as script, voiceover, style, and visual narrative.

animated explainer video


Based on research findings and strategic insights, we deliver the final product designed to reach your target viewers and achieve your specific business goals.

Frequently Asked

What is the difference between a business explainer video and an animated explainer?

The main difference between the two is the target audience and the goal. Explainer videos are intended for consumers and wider audiences. For this reason explainers tend to be more colloquial and easy-going, while corporate videos need to sound professional and formal.

What is my role in the process?

Our team of professionals handles all the steps in the process of creating your business explainer video – from designs to animations, while keeping you in the loop at all times. In case you don’t have a script, our professional copywriters can craft one. All coordination, planning, and organization are handled by our project managers, that schedule feedback meeting with you on a regular basis and at your convenience. We might also request logos, brand book, or other additional materials from you.

What are the Kashu guarantees?

On-of-a-kind: As our designs are made in-house by our team of creatives, your video will be completely unique and designed according to your specific goals and requirements.

On brand: We create eye-catching designs for our videos that are consistent with your brand message and created to appeal to your specified target audience.

On time: At Kashu we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. So we guarantee to meet yours.

Three free revisions: Client satisfaction is important to us!

Complete ownership: At the end of the day, the explainer video, designs, and additional materials are yours and yours alone. That’s why we make sure you always have access to and ownership of the designs, documents, and animations that we’ve created for you.

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