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Top 6 AMAZING After Effects Plugins that Will Save You Hours!

We at Kashu work on tight deadlines, often juggling several projects at a time. A thing that really helps us get our work done faster is After Effects plugins. They speed up mundane tasks and get boring activities out of the way. We use plenty of free plugins, that you can find and download here.

On top of these, we also use a lot of paid plugins. These are even more advanced and can save you a ton of time and hassle. AEJuice sponsored the video in which we review some of our favorite products from their “I Want It All” bundle. The entire pack with 73 plugins is discounted at the moment and you can take advantage of the promotion at this link.

NFT Constructor

The NFT Constructor is a fully customizable plugin with premade assets that allow you to showcase your NFTs. You don’t even have to know After Effects or Premiere Pro, simply import an animation, change texts and images, and export.

Cartoon Comic Pack

Customize dozens of backgrounds that are perfect for a cartoon-style intro, subscription prompt, or anything else. Including freeze frames.


With a massive selection of pre-made assets, this is the best whiteboard template that we’ve used. You can make a bunch of adjustments and it’s super easy to use.

Glitch Kinetic Typography

Stylish, trendy, and dynamic – this pack is amazing if you want to create attention-grabbing and memorable typography animations.

Liquid Elements

A flagship product of AEJuice, you can easily add elements from this pack to commercials, live-action films, or your YouTube videos to make them look smashing!

Neon Titles

Customize everything you want on these graphics – these premade animations save you hours upon hours of trying to achieve the neon effect. With AEJuice, all it takes is just a click.

Watch the video if you want to see all these amazing products in action. To download with a discount, click here.

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