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Top 5 FREE After Effects Plugins that Will Save You a Ton of Time

We love animating! But we cannot deny that the process has its less appealing sides. Having to perform tedious, repetitive tasks can definitely take the fun out of animation.

This is where plugins come in! They can save you a ton of time and headaches by automating dull and monotonous processes. In this guide, we’ll show you the top 5 amazing and completely free plugins that our animators use on a daily basis to optimize their workflow. Special thanks to AEJuice for sponsoring this guide and for keeping these plugins free to use. 

Start by installing the pack manager. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out the video above. Once you install the plugins, open After Effects and enjoy the amazing functions they offer. Here are the plugins we love the most:

Starter Pack

AEJuice’s Starter Pack plugin offers over a hundred premade, fully customizable assets – transitions, elements, slides, icons, and many more – to help you spice up your animations.

Sound Effects

If you add your sound effects directly into After Effects, this is a great plugin for you. Adding your sound in After Effects will help you determine the length and timing, so you can try this process with the free AEJuice Sound Effects – all 138 of them.

2.5D Devices

This is an amazing set of pseudo-3D devices that you can use if you animate anything with phones or tablets. You can fully customize the look of your device and even rotate it in 3D.


AEJuice Shifter helps you automatically order your layers so your elements can move in various orders. You can align or stagger your layers at different timeframes.

Copy Ease

Imagine that your project requires you to copy the keyframe speed graph on dozens of layers. Doing this manually would be a tedious and time-consuming task. With AEJuice’s Copy Ease, you can replicate the speed graph on multiple layers with just a click.

Do you want to animate faster and cut boring tasks out of your process? Try these plugins for yourself and see how much time and hassle they save. Don’t forget that all of them are free, which considering how helpful they are is nothing short of a miracle! Click the button below to download:

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