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Handwriting Effect Animation in After Effects (Beginners' Tutorial)

In this simple mini tutorial, we’ll see how to create a handwriting effect animation in After Effects. Here are the steps:

1. Write Your Text

Create a text box and write anything you want. Make sure you center it.

2. Select the Typeface

To make the effect work, make sure the typeface looks like handwriting. Select the font style that you prefer.

3. Create a Mask

Click on the pen tool and create a path over each letter. Make sure each path is on a different mask. Keep in mind that wherever the path starts, this is where your animation will start as well.

4. Stroke

Search for the Stroke effect and apply it to the text layer. Change the style to “Reveal Original Image”. Make the brush size of the Stroke effect big enough to cover the original writing.

6. Keyframes

Add a keyframe for the End and set the speed you’d like. 

7. Adjustments

If needed, make adjustments to the paths of the letters so the animation can look smoother.

That’s all, now you can create a handwriting effect animation in After Effects!

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