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Behind the Scenes: How Explainer Videos are Made

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short, usually animated videos that combine engaging, visual content with a clear and concise message. They allow businesses to capture their target audience’s attention and explain their idea, product, or service in a short amount of time. At Kashu, we’ve developed a well-thought-out creative process of creating explainer videos.

Creative Brief and Brainstorming

Before we begin work on your custom animated explainer video, we’ll ask you for a creative brief to gain a clear idea of your business. This level of understanding is crucial for our team to create explainer videos that are effective and unique to your company and goals. Our creative bees will then brainstorm to come up with a definitive plan of action and work with you to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Explainer Video Script

A well-written and structured script is paramount to your animated explainer video being super-effective. At Kashu, we can work with an existing script or develop a concise and engaging script for you. Explainer videos often inform, educate, or identify a problem and explain how a product or service provides a solution. If you want to create your own explainer video script, we have a great guide to help you!

Armed with insight from your creative brief and the brainstorming stage of the process, we are able to apply our writing skills to develop a unique script for your business. Our creative bees will ensure it is fit for purpose, easy-to-understand, will resonate with your target audience, and encourage conversions.

Voiceover Recording

Once we have the script, one of our voiceover artists will record it. All of the talent we work with are professionals and have years of experience delivering clear and concise voiceovers. As a business that operates internationally, Kashu can offer voiceovers in several accents and languages including Spanish, Dutch, German, and French as well as English.

Sketches, Storyboarding & Style Sampling

The design stage is another crucial element as to how explainer videos are made. Our team sketches the concept to develop a clearer vision of the project and spend time constructing a storyboard to ensure the Explainer Video follows the narrative and steers the intended audience towards converting. This section involves drawing the video out scene-by-scene before style sampling.

Awesome design is key to appeal to and resonate with the targeted audience. We work closely with you to ensure the characters and other elements of the video compliment the tone and message of your brand. Take a look at our portfolio or our YouTube for examples of our various styles of animation.


Once we finalize the design stage, it’s time to bring in the animator bees! We work hard to illustrate the narrative outlined by the script and to convey your business’s message. We ensure visual appeal that complements the voiceover rather than distracts from the message. The creative bees at Kashu can transform even the most complex of ideas into easy-to-grasp and engaging videos.


Music and Sound Effects

Professional sound quality is a crucial stage when creating explainer videos. A poorly recorded voiceover or music that sounds like it was recorded underwater can cause people to click off your video. At Kashu, we have a team of talented musical bees who provide high-quality audio. They add suitable royalty-free music to strengthen the impact of the video as well as sound effects if required.

Final Editing Stage


In the final editing stage, we spend time combining the audio and visual elements and ensure each frame of the Explainer video is perfect!

Throughout the process, we keep our clients in the loop in terms of the direction and progress of the Explainer Video with our clients. We develop fantastic working relationships based on transparency and communication. Clients are also able to access all files regarding their projects throughout the process.


Explainer Videos by Kashu

Our explainer videos are tailored to each client by our experienced team following a well-refined creative process. We’ve created over 10,000 Explainer Videos and Corporate Animations for international brands. It takes an average of 25 to 29 days to complete a professional 30-second video at the beehive. However, this can vary depending on the complexity and length of the video. If your business is planning a longer video or requires a quicker turn-around, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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