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What Exactly are Explainer Videos?

animated explainer video

The animated explainer video is an increasingly popular marketing tool. But what exactly is it? What makes it so effective, and why are we so passionate about it?

Бasics of the animated explainer video

The primary purpose of an animated explainer video is to clarify an idea. Videos usually focus on an idea, product, or service and use easy-to-understand language and engaging visuals. Designed to capture your intended audience’s attention, explainer videos are an ideal way to communicate your message. The use of visuals, a voiceover, and music helps convey complex ideas in an engaging way.

How to recognize an explainer video

To understand exactly what explainer videos are, it’s essential to recognize their characteristics. You can usually identify them by the use of animated graphics combined with a quality voiceover and music. They catch the viewer’s eye and simplify a concept. Explainer videos often identify a problem the audience may be concerned with and go on to provide a solution.

Why are Explainer videos so effective?

Now that you have an understanding of the basics of explainer videos, let’s take a look at what makes them so good.

Able to quickly explain your idea in an engaging way

Explainer videos are also great at maintaining your target audience’s attention due to their visual appeal and a short length. The videos are usually no longer than 90 seconds to ensure the message remains easy to digest.

Communicates directly with your target audience

This concise approach allows your business to get right to the point and deliver a clear message directly to buyers. Therefore, animated explainers are a fantastic asset to any marketing strategy. 

Increases brand awareness

Explainers allow businesses to creatively express the identity of the brand using color and strong visuals. Moreover, they leave a long-lasting impression and can contribute to increased brand awareness.

Increases online visibility

Engaging videos are often great assets to share on YouTube and across social media platforms with the intention to spread the word about your idea, service, or product and to reach your audience. Retaining the interest of visitors to your website increases your SEO. Moreover, videos can also reduce the bounce rate on your page.

Creative freedom on a smaller budget

In comparison to the cost of producing live-action videos, the animated explainer video can often be created on a smaller budget and in a shorter time frame. Animation allows for creative freedom and the potential to convey any idea visually while avoiding the financial limitations of live-action footage. 

Why choose Kashu to create your Explainer Video?

The team of creative bees at Kashu is extremely passionate about creating animated explainer videos. Our videos are unique to your business, product, or service.

That’s why we offer the full package – from the first brainstorming ideas session to the final edit. Our services include scriptwriting to ensure the language used in the video is clear and delivers your message. We also record professional voiceovers, available in several languages.

Work closely with our clients, we keep them in the loop throughout the animation process. Our excellent working relationships are based on communication and transparency.

Are you interested in an animated explainer video? Take a look at our portfolio!

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