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5 Myths about Explainer Videos and Business Animations BUSTED

Marketers already recognize the numerous benefits of implementing an explainer video into their strategy. According to statistics users prefer to watch consume videos more than any other type of online media. This motivates more and more businesses to include an explainer video in their marketing strategy. But there are still many myths that surround explainer videos. In this article, we will bust five of the most popular misconceptions.

"Your explainer video needs to go viral."

Businesses often strive to create a viral video that can get millions of views and a ton of engagement overnight. But is this necessary in order for your video to achieve the maximum effect? The answer is “no”. 

The key to creating a successful explainer video that contributes to your marketing goals is to know your target audience. The truth is that when you want to reach potential clients, quality is more important than quantity. You can never control who watches, shares, and comments on a viral video. More often than not, awareness created by a viral video is short-lived and doesn’t lead to the next stage of your marketing funnel. In contrast, a video created with your intended buyer in mind increases the chances of reaching viewers that can be turned into quality leads.

"You’ll save money by writing your own scrip and recording your own voiceover."

As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, the script is the blueprint of your explainer video. It is imperative that your script is well-thought-out, structured, and written in a way that will appeal to your viewers. Moreover, if your script is not written well, you might have to end up re-writing it several times. This will delay the overall video creation process and end up costing you more than paying a professional.

With so much at stake, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a script- or copywriter. If you still wish to write your own script, check out our guide that will help you along the way.

And how about the voice-over? Well, imagine that you have to hire someone to represent your entire brand in front of your potential clients. When it comes to explainer videos, this person is your voice-over artist. They are not only relaying your message by reading your script but also through articulation, accent, intonation, and tone.

To increase the efficiency of your video, you need to select a professional actor that best fits your brand and makes a subconscious impact on your audience.

"The shorter the better."

We usually recommend that explainer videos are shorter, focused, and to the point. And although none times out of ten this would be the right choice, there are always exceptions. If your topic is very complicated and requires an in-depth explanation about important features, then it might be a better idea to make the video longer. This is especially true for tutorials and educational videos. 

"Your explainer video needs to end with a call to action."

Contrary to popular belief, adding a call to action to every and any explainer video is not a must. In fact, in some cases, it might hurt. The call to action needs to follow as the logical conclusion of your video. Whether to include one or not highly depends on the goal of your explainer and where it stands in your marketing funnel. For instance, if your video’s goal is to raise awareness with people who are introduced to your brand for the first time, it makes sense to add a call to action that leads to your website or newsletter. But if the video aims to move potential clients through the consideration stage, then a push at the end of it might have the opposite effect.

"You need to add humor in order to make your video effective."

Humor is one of the things that can surely make your video memorable and engaging. But you need to be careful when adding comedy to your explainer. Ask yourself this – would your audience respond positively or negatively to a funnier video? Would a funny video fit your brand? Will humor help your message or hurt it? Thinking about these points will help you decide which is the most appropriate tone for your explainer video.

These are just some of the misconceptions about explainer videos that circulate out there. You can find more busted misconceptions in our FREE eBook that you can download below.

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