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6 Great B2B Explainer Video Examples and Why They Work

6 Great B2B Explainer Video Examples


What is a B2B Explainer Video?

B2B explainer video is a type of corporate video that helps businesses sell to other businesses. Since the decision-making usually goes through more than one level (e.g. department manager, CEO, CFO), the B2B sales process is longer compared to B2C and customer relationships take more time to develop and maintain.

If your final customer is a business, then you need to create a video that will speak to this business. You should also distribute it over the channels that the business customer will use, such as industry publications, seminars, and business meetings. B2B explainer videos are most commonly used on company websites, in highly targeted email marketing, and as part of sales pitches. The message in the videos focuses on value, trust, and service quality, and speaks to the rationality of the decision-makers.

Here are six examples of great B2B explainer videos that manage to convey the message and make the businesses stand out.

Keeping It Professional with a Minimalist Design



B2B explainer videos need to be sleek and professional. As the viewers are other professionals – head of a department, CEO, board of directors, the message needs to be clear and concise. It needs to convey the tangible value that a product/service brings to the business.

The project we worked on for Villiv is a great example of that – the video starts with the problem and continues to show why the service they provide is a great solution. 

The animation is clean and minimalistic so it can engage the viewer, without distracting from the message. 

Selling to Businesses by Advertising to Their Consumers


B2Bs sell to other companies, however, those companies have consumers. In many cases, it would be a great idea to pitch to a business by showing how they can use a product to help their end client. 

This is the case with Qubit – a pathway management solution for integrated healthcare. Although the target audiences are hospitals and healthcare facilities, the message of the video centers around patients and their pain points, because this is what the customer cares about most.

In terms of design and animation, the color palette inspires the feeling of calmness and care, but also innovation, which perfectly reflects the way Qubit combines healthcare and technology. The interesting use of the elements in the logo also works to engage the viewer.

Making the Complex Easy to Understand


More often than not, when you create a B2B explainer video, you are talking to other professionals who are familiar with your industry, have knowledge of the subject matter, and understand the lingo. But what if your business sells to companies from other industries? And what if your service or product is hard to understand?

It’s time to simplify the complex! Animation is an amazing tool for illustrating complicated things and making them easier to grasp. A perfect example is the video series on cybersecurity we created for our client Telelink. The primary purpose of these videos is to educate potential clients on the known and lesser-known dangers businesses face online. By teaching the viewer, Telelink not only raises awareness of the product but also provides value to its audience.

Implementing an Isometric Style of Animation


Coohom is a 3D product and interior visualization platform. With this particular video, they wanted to address furniture companies, that can use their SaaS as a better way to advertise and display their products. The video had to be clear, concise, and professional-looking. The isometric design in this animation serves several purposes. First, it is reminiscent of a floorplan, which is one of the options that Coohom provides. Another reason for choosing this style is that it looks clean and on point – no additional distracting elements need to be added. Finally, it looks familiar to furniture manufacturers and allows for them to understand the concepts in the video better.

Another cool feature of this video is that it’s short and sweet. In under a minute, the voice-over and visuals tell us all the essential information we need, which makes us understand and remember it longer.

Display Your USPs


B2B explainer videos are usually directed to prospective buyers who are very familiar with the topic, need the type of solution our client provides, or maybe even already use one. The challenge here is to use the video to make clients decide on using a specific product or service. This is the case with the explainer video we crafted for JT. 

The target audience is businesses that probably already use phone systems. So JT is introduced as the superior alternative to the service they already have by listing all the benefits our clients offer that competitors don’t. This is a perfect example where a business’s unique selling points are at the center of the narrative.

Keeping the Audience Engaged with a Fun Video

Although intended for professionals, some B2B videos benefit greatly from adding humor to the script and animation. Viewers tend to remember something that made them laugh longer than something that bored them. Moreover, a fun video is guaranteed to make you stand out. So if your target viewers receive dozens of marketing emails a day, it will really help if you add a funny explainer video.

Take for instance the video we made for Level 3 Benefit Advisors. The target audience for this explainer is large company CFOs and heads of accounting, a.k.a. the most serious and humorless people out there. So how did we manage to make this video both funny and effective? The key is to know your target avatar and be able to speak their language in a way that is both relatable and on point. In other words, if you know what jokes your audience finds funny, you’re guaranteed to make them laugh.

Do you think a B2B explainer video is what your company needs to convey its message to the right audience? Contact us so we could talk about your goals!

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