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Animated Emojis - Free AE template

Animated Emojis

Facial expressions are a key when it comes to character animation. A good animation is able to make people sad or happy, calm or angry, based on the main action. This can be done with powerful facial expressions that can be exaggerated if the tone of the video and the action allows for it.

But, facial expressions are not so easy to create. We created this short tutorial to help with some of the basic facial expressions you can add to your video and make it come to life.

All these animations are created in After Effects and you’ll need to have it installed to be able to open the files. 

The animations use basic keyframes like scale, position and rotation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you create face expressions on your characters:

1. Use pauses. The audience needs some time to comprehend what is going on.

2. Exaggerate the action a bit if you can. This will give your animations a more cartoon-like look and help you create more engaging animations

3. Make sure it is realistic. Use references

4. Keep it short and sweet.

5. Make the main action first, then add the middle frames to make it come to life.

Download the project files below and tag us in a story or a post on Insta.



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