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Video Marketing Explained: How to Build a Winning Startegy

Did you know that 82% of internet traffic today is video? Using video marketing in your digital strategy increases sales on average by 34% and brand awareness by 70%. This makes video marketing essential for any business that wants to be successful.

What is video marketing?

In short, video marketing means using video in your strategy to improve your conversation rate, sales, retention, brand awareness, and traffic. As part of your content, it produces incredible results. Moreover, recording a video and reaching thousands of people with it has never been easier. That is why, in recent years, top marketers have focused their efforts on video marketing.

Why is video marketing effective?

Videos are way more engaging and informative than other types of content. Almost 80% of people online watch videos every week, and more than 50% watch videos every day. Hubspot reports that 72% of users would rather watch a video to learn more about a product or a company, and having a video on your landing page can improve your conversion rate by 80%. So obviously, you need video marketing to reach and engage wider audiences.

How to get started with video marketing?

As with everything else in marketing, you need to start with getting to know your target audience and building your video marketing strategy. Decide in which stage of your sales funnel does video fit best. Ultimately, your goal should be to add a video to each one:

It is important to mention that you can’t do all of that with one single video. Instead, plan your video strategy to include different videos based on your customer journey.

The next step is to decide how you’re going to measure the success of your videos. If your goal is to increase the awareness of your products and service, you need to track the views of your videos, and that includes the 3-second views as well and the average view duration.

Analyzing the performance of your videos will help you understand your audience and improve their customer journey. For example, if your CTR is low but the view duration is good, you might want to change the call to action in the video or make it more attractive to people to click on it.

Video content calendar

So how often should you post videos? Start by one or two videos a week so that you can analyze the results. Once you have a detailed idea of what your audience engages with the most, increase the number of videos. Always make sure you’re consistent in posting and don’t miss a deadline. To help you stay on track, set a posts schedule or a video content calendar.

If you’re serious about video marketing but still unsure how to get started, there is a free ebook that you can download for free. It will give you amazing insight into the dos and don’t, as well as a detailed example of a winning strategy that we created for a client that brought amazing results. Download below!

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