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5 New Year's Resolutions for Successful Digital Marketing in 2022

marketing in 2022

2021 was yet another, hm, interesting year for the world. But we did see how quickly the marketing industry can evolve and adapt. And this almost exclusively means embracing the digital side of things. So if you still haven’t updated your marketing thinking and online strategies, don’t waste a second more – write down those new year’s resolutions for your digital marketing in 2022.

1. Narrow down your target audience

Nothing is as important in your marketing efforts as identifying your target audience and narrowing down the different segments. The more specific you are in recognizing who your ideal buyer is, the more you can influence them to make the buying decision. Never, ever try to sell to everyone at once! Your particular product with its specific features will only appeal to a specific group of people.

Think about it – why else would there be so many different types of toilet paper… Take the time to get to know your customer avatar, get on social media or have a face-to-face conversation with them, find out their likes and dislikes, their pain points, and objections. This will give you a great insight into how to develop an effective marketing strategy that involves the steps below.

Read until the end to find out how we can help you understand and segment your target audience for free!

2. Create better quality content

Content marketing was king in 2021 and it seems that it will be even more important for businesses in 2022. That, however, doesn’t necessarily mean writing and posting more. Sure, being consistent in your content output is important, but the primary this you need to be concerned with is quality and value. You need to make sure your content is important to the people it’s aimed at. Take the time to do your research, write down what is it that interests your target audience, and develop a value-centered content strategy.

Provide worth with each material that you post and your viewers will always be coming back for more. Moreover, constantly delivering value, will establish you as an expert and a trustworthy partner that is deserving of your buyers’ money.

3. Utilize the power of social media.

You’d be surprised at how often marketers neglect social media or simply use it to post ads. So in 2022, you need to realize that social media is the most direct path from your company to your target buyers, so you need to make sure you use it effectively. If you’re new to this type of marketing, make sure you start with just one social channel.

Identify where your primary buyer of interest spends their time and direct your efforts at testing out options on this social media website. This means posting different types of posts and identifying what has the most positive engagement.

This will help you pinpoint the topics that interest your intended audience the most, as well as the type of media that works best. Once you’ve gathered this information, you can build an informed social media strategy and a posting schedule. Be consistent and slowly start to branch out into other channels.

4. Get mobile-ready

Let me ask you a question, are you reading this on your computer or on your phone. If you answered the former – you’re in the minority. More than half of the annual website traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, that is why you need to make sure that your business is optimized for mobile. As the newer generations start to turn into consumers, this trend will only be rising.

So makes sure you’re ready for the mobile revolution by optimizing your design and SEO. If you need any help with that, watch our next YouTube video which details how to optimize your business for mobile. Subscribe to our marketing channel and hit the bell icon to be notified once this video is live.

5. Use more video

Video is the best-performing type of media on the internet. It works better than text, photos, or still illustrations. Whether we like it or not, people gradually prefer the laziest way of consuming information. Videos require less effort than reading, which makes them more engaging and popular amongst online users. So whatever you do, whichever channel you decide to market on, aim at creating more video content in 2022. The good news is that most social media platforms have native video features. All you need is a good idea and you can increase your video content at no expense. We’ve already created a useful guide on how to use video on social media, so following the steps in it will b a great way to start.

In addition to the social media video features, we strongly advise you to take video marketing to the next step this year. Consider investing in the professional services of a video marketing company that can build a strategy for you and give you valuable advice based on visible results. Consider creating a professional, high-quality video for each step in your marketing funnel to boost your sales.

As I mentioned in the beginning, your primary goal this upcoming year needs to be to get to know your target audience. Since this is usually a time-consuming and difficult task, we’ve decided to make your life easier and create an eBook that details how to do it. You can download it for free, read it and provide us with your feedback.

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