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Tree Video Production Tiers for a Successful Marketing Strategy

Using videos in your marketing strategy is a must. But there is a huge difference between hiring a studio to produce a high-quality video and shooting Instagram reels on your phone. So let’s identify the three main video production tiers and when it’s appropriate to use each of them.

Before you start building your marketing strategy around the three video tiers, you need to identify two important things:

1. The goal of the video and its place in the marketing funnel.
2. The deadline and budget that you’ve set for this video

Once you’ve got these two things figured out, it’s time to review your video production tier options.

Top Tier

Top-tier videos are high-production-value products created by a professional studio or agency. Those are typically used for TV commercials, social media ads, or as explainer videos on your website. These videos are very well produced and serve to present your brand as credible, professional, and reliable. Since they are created by a professional team, they are the most expensive aspect of your video marketing campaigns. However, if done well, they can be incredibly impactful and offer a high ROI. Professionally-made videos have a longer shelf life and are not produced as often as other tiers.

Another aspect that makes your investment in top-tier videos worthwhile is the fact that they can be easily repurposed. For instance, you can hire an agency to create an explainer video for your index page, and then also have the same video cut into smaller clips for your social media.

Creating the top-tier videos starts with a strategy, where the video agency and the client exchange ideas, research, and come up with the best style, format, and ideas for the video. The process is long and extensive but necessary to deliver the best results.

Middle Tier

Middle-tier videos are often used for tutorials, product demos, or social media content. They don’t require a considerable budget or very high technical skills as they can be produced by members of your team. Of course, if you’re looking for higher quality, you can also hire a professional to create some or all of these videos.

Middle-tier videos are used to build relationships with your prospects. For example, you can create a short tutorial on how your product works or a helpful video to include in your newsletter. The key here is to be consistent and stick to your overall marketing strategy.

Since those videos require less time and are cheaper, you can afford to produce more middle-tier content. The more of it you offer your followers, the stronger relationship with them you can build.

Bottom Tier

Bottom-tier videos require little to no budget and can even be produced on your phone. These can be Instagram Reels, LinkedIn or Facebook videos, or any other type of videos you can create on the go. But keep in mind that just because they are easy and quick to produce, that doesn’t mean they can be random. Always make sure that the content you produce fits your brand message.

The Reels on Instagram have great outreach so it is so that makes them perfect for finding new leads or nurturing existing ones.

You can create behind-the-scenes or meet the team videos that give your target audience an insight into your brand and business. Due to the fact that they are not as professional as the other two, bottom-tier videos are often overlooked by marketers. But the truth is that they have an amazing potential to humanize your brand and help you connect with your prospects on a personal level.

Use all three tiers to create a consistent and extensive video marketing strategy. Combine the types of video so you can encompass the full marketing funnel and help people become your loyal clients with the power of video.And if you need help identifying your target clients, our free ebook on how to generate leads will help you do just that.

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