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Create a Free Animated Youtube Intro for Your Channel

Have you decided to start a YouTube channel? Or maybe you already have one and wish to create a cool intro that’ll grab people’s attention? Then this free animated YouTube intro tutorial is for you.

Should you add a YouTube Intro to your videos?

A YouTube intro is a short clip or a tag that precedes the main content of each video on your YouTube channel. It can consist of cuts from various videos, a collection of images, or a clip you’ve created specifically to serve as a channel intro. In any case, it needs to show what your channel is all about and what the value for the viewer is. Some of the benefits of having such an intro are:

  • It gives viewers an idea of the channel and what should the viewer expect
  • It gives your videos a distinct look and establishes your personal brand
  • It makes your videos look professional and consistent

But here is the tricky part. Your intro MUST be eye-grabbing and visually appealing. This is not just a matter of keeping your viewers engaged. It’s essential that people don’t skip your intro, because this will hurt your YouTube metrics. Always keep in mind that your YouTube intros will be seen not only by first-time viewers but also by fans who might want to watch five of your videos one after the other. Make sure the intro is engaging and short enough to not bore regular viewers.

Why should you create an animated YouTube intro?

Animation keeps viewers engaged and is always a great choice when you don’t want to bore your viewers. Unlike Live footage which resembles what we see every day, animation caries a degree of novelty that makes it a lot harder to get annoying over time.

Another benefit is that animated intros have a longer shelf-life than live-action. You’ve probably seen intros that look outdated due to 2015 camera quality or because the creator looks 5 years younger than in this current video. Animation solves this issue, especially if you choose a timeless 2D style. If you want to learn how to create such an animated YouTube intro in After Effects, watch the tutorial in this article.

Tips on how to make a great animated Youtube Intro

  • Add a hook before the intro

A hook is a short blurb that tells people why should they continue watching your video. You can provide a summary of the topics you’ll be covering or add an excerpt from the video that will spark people’s interest. Keep in mind that according to YouTube’s algorithm, the first 15 seconds of a video will impact how the rest will perform. So the first 15 seconds need to be really strong.

  • Make the intro consistent with your personal brand

Your animated YouTube intro should be engaging and memorable, but it should also be on-brand with your channel. Think of how you want to present yourself and what type of people you want to be watching your videos. This will help you determine the style and mood of your animated YouTube intro.

animated youtube intro

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