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Animated Room Background Setting (Free Project Files)

In this guide, we’ll learn how to use simple techniques to animate a background that is very versatile and often used in explainer videos. Download the project files so you can follow along.

Step 1

Organize your files. Divide the layers in Illustrator – every moving object needs to be on a separate layer. Import in After Effects and pre-compose the main elements

Step 2

Animate the paintings. You can do that by simply animating the scale and rotation keyframes.

Step 3

Animate the sofa. For the main part, you need to animate the rotation, position, and scale keyframes. For the cushions – only the position.

Step 4

Animate the bookshelf with the books. With the cabinet itself, we animate the scale. Then to animate the shelves, we convert the layer into a shape layer and animate the path keyframe.

We also want to make the books on the shelves move. To do that, we use Animation Composer 3 – a free plugin that you can download here. You can see the exact presets that we use in the video. Next, we offset the books. To save time, we use another free plugin – Shifter by AEJuicer Tools.

We animate the box on top of the bookshelf with the position, rotation, and scale keyframes.

Step 5

Animate the plant. First, make sure to parent the leaves to the branches and the branches to the pot layer. We animate the pot’s position and rotation keyframes. For each branch and leaf, we animate the rotation keyframes.

Step 6

Animate the cabinet. We do this by animating the position keyframe for the base and offsetting the keyframes of the objects above.

Step 7

Animating the piano. For the piano, we animate the position and rotation keyframes. Then we mask the sheet music and animate the scale keyframes. The clock is animated with Animation Composer 3. For the boxes on top of the piano, we animate the position and rotation and offset the keyframes.

We hope this tutorial has helped you create beautiful animation. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel for more After Effects tutorials.

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