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The Perfect LinkedIn Post to Reach Your Target Audience

The largest professional and business-oriented network online, LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to promote your personal brand or B2B organization. Using the power of such a vast professional community in your marketing is essential.

Let’s see how to use LinkedIn posts to attract your target audience.

Why post on LinkedIn?

There are many reasons to want to focus on your Linked in. The first one is obvious – LinkedIn is a business network so it allows you to promote your organization to an audience of professionals, generate leads and connect with relevant members of the community. According to research, 80% of LinkedIn members are decision makers – having a direct channel of communication with them can help you arrange meetings and book sales calls much faster.

Moreover, LinkedIn Company Pages rank on Google, which contributes to your SEO efforts. In order to take full advantage, make sure that your company page includes relevant keywords, backlinks, and high-quality images.

Who is the target audience?

To be successful on LinkedIn, you need to get to know the audience you will be targeting. This will help you determine their pain points and what influences their buying decision. The more detailed idea of your prospects, the bigger the chance you can create content that they’d love. Here are some questions that can help you get started:

  • What is the field they operate in, and what is their job title and position?
  • Where are they located?
  • What is the terminology and lingo they would understand best?
  • How can you be relatable to them?
  • What are their pain points and how can your business provide a solution?
  • What is the best way to showcase your expertise?

If you want to learn more about how to get to know your audience, why not download our free e-Book? It will help you avoid spamming and build relationships instead.

Types of posts that attract viewers

The more active you are when posting on LinkedIn, the better chances you have to get noticed. So let’s look at the type of posts you can create on LinkedIn:


Adding images to your posts can make them perform better. Make sure that the images you add are high-quality and on brand. For instance, you can implement your brand colors into a graphic or post a photo that corresponds to your brand voice. 


Content performance analysis proves that text is the most effective form of content on the platform. It gets the most comments, shares, and reach than any other type of content out there. This is very unique to LinkedIn compared to other social networks, where text is the worst performing.

You can write a longer post that is combined with a photo or use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform. Make sure that any links you need to add to posts are in the first comment (as LinkedIn doesn’t favor links in the main text). Additionally, use relevant hashtags so your post can be easily found.


LinkedIn can be used as a blogging tool as it allows you to write articles directly on the platform. Posting articles on LinkedIn is a great way to show your expertise and stand out to your target viewers. Additionally, adding some relevant keywords and backlinks to your article can help with your search engine optimization.

Downloads and Carousels

You can post PDFs on linked in and increase the value you provide to your followers. PDFs can be eBooks or whitepapers, in which you give an in-depth analysis of a problem and a solution you target audience might have. PDFs can also be a series of images – carousels, that deal with a particular topic. These types of posts can make you establish yourself as an expert in your area and as someone determined to give value to your viewers.


If you truly want to stop your visitors from scrolling, video is always the best idea. As with virtually every other platform, video is the most engaging and memorable type of content on LinkedIn. And due to the fact that videos are posted more rarely compared to other posts and on other social media, the algorithm favors the ones that end up on the platform. So make sure that any information that you want people to see is posted as a short video.


Other types of content you can post on LinkedIn are polls, job postings, and events.

Posting on Linkedin is a great way to position yourself and your brand in front of the right audience, as long as you make sure you take the time to find out what is it they’d want to see. I hope this video has been helpful. If you liked it, feel free to give it a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and newsletter.

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