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5 Amazing Healthcare Explainer Videos and Why They Work

Animated explainer videos can do wonders for the healthcare industry. They can help simplify the complexity, reach out to patients, educate healthcare professionals, and provide a great marketing direction. Moreover, healthcare explainer videos give the medical industry a more humane and personalized image.

Here 5 healthcare explainer videos that we produced for our clients and why they work.


We created this video for our clients at MedCohere – a platform that makes dentists’ referrals quick and easy. The target audience is dentists who might or might not be tech-savvy. So the idea of this video is to explain how the platform works and its benefits in a simple and straightforward way.

Stronger Nurse

For our clients at Stronger Nurse, we wanted to create a fun narrative, reminiscent of old comic book movies like the Batman series from the sixties. Using a combination of humor and references to familiar pieces of pop culture is a great tool to make an explainer video stand out and remain in the viewer’s memory for a long time.


The video for this charting application follows a problem-solution type structure, where the narrative starts with the pain points of the target audience – doctors who are tired of manually filling in patient charts. By starting with a pain point that the viewers have, we engage their attention from the first second. This also makes the solution that Carescribr provides appear all the more obvious.

Oasis: Anxiety

Oasis is a mental health app that helps alleviate the negative effects of mental illnesses, traumatic experiences, and stress. They asked us to produce a series of educational videos that aim at providing more information about different mental health issues and how and when we should look for help. As these are educational videos, they don’t include a sales pitch or even any information about the app itself. Instead, they are focused on helping the viewers understand each mental state in an approachable language and with engaging visuals.


Our client at Qubit approached us with the task to create a video that introduces their application, highlights its main functions, and presents the company’s values. We decided to produce an explainer animation that is simple, yet effective. The color combinations are carefully selected to have a calming effect while making the video stand out, while the clever animated elements and transitions make the video memorable and easy to follow.

Do you have a business that is hard to explain and confusing to customers? Animation can help simplify the complexity and translate the benefits your product provides into your target viewers’ language. 

You can see more videos that we’ve produced in our portfolio.

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