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Level 3 Benefit Advisors

Level 3 is a boutique brokerage firm that aims to disrupt the stale and obsolete health benefits system by bringing an innovative approach that lowers the cost while improving member experience with health care.



We were tasked with conceptualizing and creating an animated explainer for a video brochure that would be sent to a highly targeted audience.

  • Industry

    Health Care

  • Style

    Character animation

  • Usage

    Video brochure

  • Conversion

    5 clients in eight months

Goals and Targets.

The project involves the creation of an animated video that is to be shared with selected CFOs and HR heads via a video brochure. The primary goal of the video is to stand at the top of the marketing funnel and resize awareness. The strategy was to display the problems with the broken and obsolete system that fails both employers and employees. In contrast, Level 3 provides a unique and innovative approach by focusing on educating clients on the health care system. The result is that employees make better decisions around their care and companies’ medical costs ultimately decrease.

In specific terms, the goal was to acquire five new customers in one year. Level 3 reports they have reached that goal in the first eight months after the video brochure was sent.

Usage-Specific Ideas.

In their effort to demonstrate innovation and handout-of-the-box thinking, our client has decided to approach a shortlist of hyper-targeted leads with a video brochure. This gave us a great opportunity to play around with the format and come up with catchy and engaging ideas. We firmly believe that in order to look professional and retain a personal touch, every video concept needs take into account the usage and the environment. To make it more personal, we came up with a narrating character that speaks into the “camera”. This way, when the viewers open the video brochure, they will be greeted by an animated character who addresses them directly.

Target Persona.

The most important aspect of preliminary discovery is to understand the target audience. The more familiar we are with the potential clients, the better we are equipped to influence their buying decisions. For this project, we had two main target segments – the CFOs and the heads of HR in mid-large organizations. Naturally, the decision-maker is the chief financial officer of the company as he had the final say in determining a health care brokerage firm, so this segment is prioritized when building the strategy. We built a profile of the dream client: typically, a male in his 40s or 50s, more on the conservative side in his work but willing to make changes if it saves the company money.


The other segment that we target with this video is the head of HR. They are not the decision-maker, but their day-to-day work is directly affected by the health care provider, so we need them to be on board. The demographic we detailed was women over their 30s who need a company that will make their work easier.

Video Identity.

Once we established the target audience and goals, it was time to adapt the script find an animation style that “speaks” the language of the viewers, while presenting Level 3 as a unique business and setting them apart from the competition. This is why we decided to go in an unusual direction and make the video fun. The reasons for these are several. First, fun videos usually stand out from the crowd and are remembered longer. Considering that our target audience of CFOs probably receives a massive amount of correspondence each day, our video just had to be engaging. 


Another reason for this is that Level 3 is a boutique company that is highly selective with their clients. They are looking for people that are willing to look outside of the box and be open-minded about changing up the status quo. A more lighthearted and fun video is a great way for Level 3 to sift through their prospect and find those that align with their values and goals.


The results that our client reported were more than stellar. Level 3 caters to mid-large employees and they have managed to sign five new dream clients in just eight months after the project. The client estimates that the video immediately returned its investment and provided its prospects with a clear picture of what makes the firm different. Utilizing the video is ten times more effective to secure prospective client meetings than any other traditional marketing strategy they’ve used. Level 3 has added more employees and continues to welcome new clients.

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