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Coohom allows users to increase sales of their furniture, build closer ties with distributors and provide an enhanced experience for online shoppers by allowing them to view or even virtually place furniture in their home using augmented reality.

This futuristic ‘Sims’-like technology was incredibly fun to dream-up ideas and styles for, and the finished video looks fantastic!


With a product or service that is new or has a number of applications, an animated explainer video is an ideal solution. Not only are animated videos fun to watch, but they can make complicated ideas and information easy to digest and visualise too, just like in these two videos produced for Coohom! The team at Coohom needed two sleek, isometric-style animated explainer videos to clearly outline the value of their cutting-edge furniture 3D modelling technology and software.

  • Industry

    Tech & 3D Modeling

  • Style

    Isometric Explainer video

  • Usage

    Website, Email Marketing

  • Length


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