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Pingza is an innovative app that helps you choose the right wine for any occasion, meal, or palate. The marketing team at Pingza wanted us to produce an animated explainer video to showcase their product in a comprehensive and entertaining way.


Their goal was to spread brand awareness and increase customer base. In less than a year after the explainer video was published on their social media, Apple and Google store, and as part of their marketing campaign, Pingza has reached close to a million views and gained over 30 000 new users.

  • Industry

    Retail, App

  • Style

    Explainer video

  • Usage

    Social Media, Website, E-mail marketing

  • Length


  • Views

    1 Million

  • New Users

    30 000

Laying the Foundation.

Before going into the visual stage of video production, we focus on researching and creating the storyline. The script serves as a blueprint for the entire project, defines the tone, and establishes the main scenes.
For videos intended to perform well with the casual viewer, the tone is usually laid back and informal. For this project, we created a narrative that people can identify with and told it in a conversational tone.

Visual Storytelling.

To help people relate to the struggle of finding the perfect wine, we presented the problem in a catchy and fun way. The film and pop culture references help connect with a wider audience, especially people of legal drinking (and wine-buying) age. The robot serves as both a comic relief character and a reference to other apps with less of a personal touch.
Our design team created a linear, minimalist style to go with the storyline without distracting from the message. The main characters are neutral and therefore more inclusive and relatable.

Simplifying the UI.

We showcase the application itself as a stylized mockup. There are several advantages of creating a graphical representation of the interface over showing realistic images.


The video is relevant even if the interface changes slightly. This is especially beneficial for startups that are still working on the software or for companies that are in the middle of rebranding.


Schematic, simplified representation is easier to assimilate when watching a one or two-minute explainer video, as the interface appears only for a few seconds

Cut out all the noise

It is much better to cut out all the noise and just focus on what is important via a graphical redesign. Most of the time, the video is not intended to display functionality but only give a general idea.

Looks better

Stylized formats are more memorable and spark interest in people to check out the app for themselves.

Finding the Perfect Voice.

We cannot stress enough how important the voiceover is for an explainer video. This is not just someone who reads the script – the voice actor represents the entire brand, speaks directly to the public, and conveys the message. It is advisable to stray away from the classic ad-reading tone, except in cases where this is done referentially or ironically. The perfect voice for this video is fun and friendly. By addressing the viewers informally, the actor establishes trust and connects with them on a personal level.


“We conducted A/B tests against other types of creatives and the animated video was the best performing, achieving the lowest cost per acquired user.”

As part of their marketing campaign, Pingza has reached close to a million views and gained over 30 000 new users.

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