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What is a Logo Animation and How to Create One for Your Brand? (+ Free Source Files)

You already know how important a logo is to a brand – it attracts attention, gives the first impression of your business, and is the foundation of your brand identity. A logo animation (sometimes called a logo reveal) amplifies your logo’s effects and makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

Logo animation is a short motion graphic that presents or “reveals” your logo. Usually, it utilizes elements of the logo that inspire the motion graphic. The power of logo reveal is that the human brain is more engaged by moving objects than by still images and it remembers them longer.

When you create your logo animation, you need to consider your brand. The logo reveal needs to be consistent with your overall brand identity and fit naturally within your marketing efforts. Make sure it’s short and clean – too many elements will distract your viewers and take their attention away from the logo. The overall logo reveal needs to be no more than just a couple of seconds to retain the viewers’ attention.

So if you want to attract some eyes to your brand, here is how you can create your own logo animation. You can use the source files to follow along with the tutorial and then use your knowledge to create a logo animation yourself.

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