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How to Crate an Effective Sales Pitch to Finance Your Start Up?

A sales pitch is a short presentation of your start up to prospects or investors. It needs to convince people that your company is worth investing in. The problem is that people’s attention span is very short these days. So, presenting a long text or a boring slideshow won’t impress or be remembered.

A good sales pitch makes people crave to learn more about your company, is engaging and exciting to watch, but informative at the same time. This is why many companies use video to present their ideas in the best light. A great way to do this is with animation.

Simplifying the Complex

Most of the companies we’ve worked with have a complex product or service that is very hard to explain with live footage or text. Animations can simplify the idea and engage the audience. They can turn abstract ideas into exciting visuals, making animation one of the best ways to present an idea or a concept. They’re also fun to watch, and most people prefer watching a video to reading text.

But since your product is complex, how do you create the perfect pitch while making sure people understand the concept? We’ve worked on hundreds of sales pitch videos, and today, I’ll show you the steps you can take to build your video from scratch.

Step 1: Analyze your target audience

The most important factor when creating a sales video is to ensure you connect with the audience. Otherwise, they won’t listen.

So, the first step is to analyze who’ll be watching your video. If you’re pitching to investors- are they familiar with your industry? Who are they? What would they like to see in a company? What are their values and beliefs? What are some possible objections they might have?

Answering these questions would help you structure your video. You’d also understand what’s important to them, so you can communicate it in your video and impress them.

Step 2: Create a story

The best way to make people relate and engage them is to tell a story. Pick a character for the video that resonates with the target audience or your users. Start with your audience’s problem, but make sure it is relevant and don’t exaggerate it. The problem should be something your audience experiences and is frustrated about. Or, if you’ve found a gap in the industry, make sure you communicate the potential or current problems. Elaborate on why that’s important and what can happen if these issues are not resolved.

But it is best to keep all these problems in the form of a story where the main character resembles the target. This would make it more believable and engaging.

Step 3: Your What, How, and Why

Then after that, proceed by explaining your what, how, and why.

What is the solution to this problem? Here you can also mention the benefits, your story, and your unique selling points.

How are you solving it? Here, you can mention how it works and what sets you apart from your competition, if you have any.

And why are you doing what you’re doing. What’s the result and the purpose of your organization. This should be a powerful message that connects with people who have similar values and beliefs as you and your company.

Simon Sinek said:
“All organizations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year.”

Step 4: Close with a powerful CTA

The final step of creating a powerful sales pitch video is to add a CTA. What do you want people to do after watching the video? If the video is for investors, what would be the action you’d like them to take.

Following these steps would help you create a great pitch video and impress your audience. If you need any help, drop us an email, and we can help you simplify your message and turn it into an engaging video. And if you need help creating content for each step of your marketing funnel, download our FREE ebook below.

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