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6 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Explainer Videos You Need to Watch Right Now

cryptocurrency explainer

The term blockchain has entered our vernacular in recent years, mainly due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Still, the inner workings and various applications of the technology remain a mystery to the general public. Yet, many of our clients that operate in the field want to reach newer audiences. But some potential customers may not be technically savvy enough to understand the specific terminology that comes with blockchain and crypto. This is why, we use the power of animation to simplify these concepts and create clear, easy-to-grasp blockchain and cryptocurrency explainer videos. So, therefore, let’s see six instances in which blockchain and cryptocurrency are explained with animation. 

What is blockchain?

This is a quintessential explainer video. Its main purpose is to explain the concept of blockchain and its multiple applications without selling a specific product. The target audience is people who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology, how it works, and what it’s used for. Therefore, the language is extremely approachable and easy to follow.  Additionally, the animation is simple – basic shapes, solid backgrounds, and no distracting elements. The bright colors make the video memorable and grab the viewer’s attention from the start.

A cryptocurrency explainer with a history lesson


This cryptocurrency explainer video uses simple language and clean, straightforward visuals to engage viewers who have little to no experience with crypto. It starts by explaining what the term means, a bit of history, and its various applications. To help the audience understand cryptocurrency, the script compares it with traditional money. The Dagcoin logo is featured in most of the scenes that speak about cryptocurrency so that a positive association between the technology and the business is built.

Blockchain for advanced users

The cryptocurrency explainer video that we made for our clients at Plasma is aimed at advanced users who are aware of Etherium’s scaling issues. The script uses the language of the target audience and is packed with industry terms that a layman wouldn’t understand. To balance out the complexity of the voiceover, the motion graphic is simple and schematic. We’ve also included 3D elements that make the animation feel techy and modern and help the video stand out and be memorable.

A whole cryptocurrency ecosystem

Our client at Grand Time approached us with the task to create a video about their blockchain-based ecosystem and the cryptocurrency it uses. They have two target segments – people who have little to no understanding of cryptocurrency and also seasoned crypto users. The goal is to put the blockchain-based currency into the mainstream and get people pumped to take part in the Grand Token project. The whole ecosystem is presented as easily accessible, simple, and affordable through the voiceover and the visual narrative. 

Blockchain for learning

Another application of blockchain technology is in the field of education and learning. Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform based on Ethereum smart contract. Yet, the target audience of this video (and the buying persona of the business) are people who are not necessarily interested in the nature and inner workings of blockchain. With this in mind, we have directed the focus of this explainer animation not on blockchain technology itself, but rather on the problem that the platform solves and the benefits it delivers to its users.

Cryptocurrency explainer for sustainability

Sigmas coin is a great example of how blockchain and cryptocurrency can help alleviate environmental concerns. All investments in Sigmas coin are directed towards green and sustainable businesses. As a result, everyday people have the opportunity to take an active part in the fight against climate change. The video is directed towards potential users that have some understanding of new technology and are also environmentally conscious.


Well-made and targeted blockchain and cryptocurrency explainer videos can significantly increase the number of people from the general population who would want to invest. This can not only help any blockchain business reach more users but also increase the overall understanding and trust in the technology and make it widely accessible to the public.

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