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The Best Pick for Your Animated Explainer Video Production

You’re looking to produce an animated explainer video but are not sure whether to hire a freelancer, an animation studio, or a video marketing agency? Keep reading.

To choose who to hire for your animated explainer video, you should consider things like your budget, the goal of your video, and the time you have available for this project.

These questions would be your starting point when deciding on a person or studio to help with your animated explainer video. Think about your priorities – do you want the video to be fast and cheap, or do you want it to be high quality, even if it takes longer to produce?


First, let’s talk about freelance animators. You can find them on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. There are many people you can choose from, and their rates are relatively low.

However, there’s a significant risk – they might not deliver on time or the end product might not be good enough. Sometimes, they might even ghost on you in the middle of the project.

Good freelancers are hard to find. You might spend hours, days, or even weeks trying to find the best freelancer for the job.

You should also take the time to prepare a brief and provide the needed materials for the video. You might also need to secure the voiceover and the music. So, keep in mind that this process would take valuable time.

If you’re starting out your business and speed and pricing are important to you, a good freelancer can work perfectly.

Before you hire them, look at their reviews and past work. These will help you decide on the right man for the job.

However, if you’re looking to create a high-quality video product and you’re on a deadline, I wouldn’t advise you to hire a freelancer for your animated explainer video.

Animation Studios

Animation studios focus on producing animated explainer videos and they’re definitely the less risky option. If you want to create a high-quality video and have a reasonable budget for it, an animation studio would be the perfect option for you.

They typically have a dedicated project manager and take care of every step of the production. You don’t need to search for and hire voiceover artists, browse music libraries or even create a detailed brief sometimes. They’ll take all of this off your hands.

Studios have a better experience and a better and more straightforward process, but most focus solely on the product, not your goals.

This means that if you’re looking to achieve a specific outcome with your video, they won’t be able to help you out.

The bottom line is animation studios are great if you have an internal marketing team to take care of the video after it’s been produced, if you have a reasonable budget, and you don’t have time to deal with freelancers.

Video Marketing Agencies

Video marketing agencies not only create an engaging video but would help you achieve your goals with it too. Тhey are the best option if you want to ensure you get a positive ROI with your video.

Video marketing agencies have an internal creative team and an internal marketing team. This means that they’ll listen and advise you from the get-go, and they’ll focus on delivering results, unlike animation studios which focus only on the video production itself.

The process that video marketing agencies follow is typically different from that of studios and freelancers. They start by creating a strategy for the video and its marketing and monitor the performance after it has been produced.

It is important to mention that video marketing experts do not replace your marketing team. Тhey work together towards your goals. They’re video experts but marketing a video is different from any other marketing type.

They’re more expensive than animation studios. And due to the extensive and detailed work they do, they will probably take more time to complete the project. But if you have a good budget, more time, and you are serious about using video to grow your business, then video marketing agencies are the best option for you.

In Summery

If you want something fast and cheap with good quality – hire a freelancer. In case you need a high-quality animation, have a bigger budget and you are sure you can market it in the best way to get results – hire an animation agency. And if you want a high-quality animation and ensure you get results – hire a video marketing agency.

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