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Simpe Logo Animation? Just Do It!

Today, we’ll talk about how to create a simple logo animation. As an example, I’ll be using the iconic Nike logo, which is very simple to animate over. You can download a PNG of the logo from the internet and follow along with the video in the article.

Step 1.

Create a new composition and a new solid layer. Import the Nike logo and resize it to fit the layer.

Step 2.

Remove the black fill of the logo by clicking on the Effects option > Keying > Linear Color Key

Step 3.

Create a black rectangular shape and place it behind the file with the logo. This will be our base.

Step 4.

Create an elliptical shape and convert it to a Bezier path. Animate the path and opacity options and then bring it just above the base we created in step 3. This will create the logo reveal.

Step 5.

Create a few new shapes in different colors and animate their paths. Add the Turbulent Displace effect and play around with the options. Once you’re happy with the result, move the shapes above the black base from step 3.

Step 6.

Add motion effects around the logo. In this tutorial, we use the Trim Pathe effect.

That’s it! Let us know if you like this tutorial. Subscribe for more on our YouTube channel Kashu Academy.

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