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3 Easy Transitions in After Effects (Free Project Files)

easy transitions in after effects

Do you use transitions in After Effects when you animate a video? Chances are you- you use them all the time. Using creative transitions would help you turn your great animation into a piece of art.


Essentially, transitions in After Effects are a way to go from shot A to shot B while keeping the viewers engaged.


However, transitions are sometimes hard to create, and they take a long time to make. In this post, we will show you three easy transitions that would take you minutes to complete.


If you’re working on an urgent project, or you don’t have time to create your own transitions, we’ve created a free template for you. You can download it and use it right away in your projects.


If you’re a beginner, we strongly recommend following the steps below and creating your own transitions. That would help you get used to after effects and be able to create your own variations. 


So, let’s get started. 

Shape Transition in After Effects

shape transitions in after effects

First, let’s create this shape transition that is very easy to make. 


Step 1: 

Go to Layer> New> Solid ( or press Ctrl + Y) 

Choose a color of your first shape. 


Step 2: 

Repeat this process three times so that you can have three solid layers in 3 different colors. 


Step 3: 

Add position keyframes to all three layers—3 keyframes at the start and 3 keyframes at the 1-second mark. 


Step 4: 

Offset the keyframes a little bit. And you’re done! 

Motion Transition

Swoosh transition

Step 1:

Go to Layer> New>Adjustment layer ( or press Ctrl + Alt + Y)

Then go to the effect panel and search for ‘CC Flo Motion.’ Apply this effect to the adjustment layer.


Step 2:

Add keyframes and adjust the amount one ad amount two options from the panel.


Step 3:

Play with the settings until you’re happy with the results

Swosh Transition

motion blur transition in after effects

Step 1:

Go to Layer> New>Adjustment layer ( or press Ctrl + Alt + Y)

Then search for the ‘Transform’ effect.


Step 2:

Add position keyframes and move the adjustment layer to the right ( or left; depending on how you want to transition the scene)


Step 3:

Click on the adjustment layer and add ‘ CC Force Motion Blur.’


Step 4:

Keep adjusting the keyframes until you’re happy with the results.


The transitions in after effects are the lifeblood of animation. This post is designed to help you save time and improve your animated videos. Play with these options, add more keyframes, and adjust the timing until you’re satisfied with your new awesome animation.

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