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My Shipping Post is a solution that helps mail consolidators offer their clients an easy way to ship. The end client can choose to use the mail consolidator to pick up their packages or deliver them to the post office on their own – either way, the consolidator still makes money off the package.


Our task was to create an explainer video to serve as a hook for email marketing campaigns and several tutorials to help with training and onboarding new clients.

  • Industry

    Courier & IT

  • Style

    Character animation

  • Usage

    Email Marketing

  • Email CTR


Goals and Challenges.

After testing several communication channels, our client had determined that the best way to reach the potential customer was via email. One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is to make your email stand out in an inbox full of proposals, newsletters, and other information. Marketers are often faced with low open and click-through rates and therefore – unseen messages. Another obstacle our customers had stemmed from the complicated information they had to deliver. The way their software works was hard to explain in a text format due to its rich but complex functionality. Such a huge amount of text would have been very hard for audiences to understand and chances were they would stop reading before they reached the end.

Therefore, the goal of the explainer video was to showcase the software product My Shipping Post provides in a catchy, engaging, and easy-to-grasp way. This would help their email marketing efforts by improving open and click-through rates and deliver the intended message to the target audience. The video had to tell the story of how much easier My Shipping Posts makes things for mail consolidators in a way that made them feel excited about the software and envision the profits it would help them make.

Market Research.

After accumulating all the information  needed from the client, we began in-depth internal research of the buying persona. The better we could visualize the target viewer, the easier we could influence their decision-making with the right tone and emotion of the video. We devised a strategy that covered all components – from script and voiceover to stylistic direction and visual narrative. Our team decided the perfect length was 90 seconds – enough to explain the product and convince of its benefits, but short enough to keep the attention of the target viewer. 

Client Persona.

Before creating the video, we made a detailed profile of the target audience. This is always a crucial step in the preliminary process, as it allows us to find the best way to reach, address, and impress potential buyers. We try to gather as much information about the people for which a video is intended so we can build a detailed image of them. This helps us find the right linguistic and visual language, build an impactful story, and locate the best communication channels to deliver the message.

The target audience for my shipping Post’s explainer video is mail consolidators, package collectors, and couriers that serve local communities or deliver internationally. Some of the details we collected for this persona are:


They are primarily male, middle-aged, friendly. They are more traditional and do not spend a lot of time on social media. The best way to reach them is via email.

Pain Points

They find it hard to be competitive in the shipping business; if the end client ships on their own, the mail consolidator doesn’t make any money.

What are they looking for

They want a solution that makes their work easier and allows them to provide their clients with a better service than the competition. They are looking for a way to earn, whether the customer ships on their own or not. They want to increase revenue.

Position in the sales funnel

This is another important aspect to consider in order to determine how to address the audience. In this case, the viewer already has some idea of what My Shipping Post is and is towards the middle stages of the sales funnel.

Email Marketing That Delivers.

Email is the oldest tool for digital marketing and remains one of the most effective ways to connect with potential buyers. But the huge number of emails and unsolicited spam that people receive daily make it extremely difficult to achieve impressive results from your email marketing. Our clients at My Shipping Post know that, so they decided to make their emails stand out by adding an explainer video. Thanks to the animation we produced for them, they achieved an increase in email engagement and responses with an average CTR of 5.2%.

They sent the explainer video to pre-demo prospects, which helped leads get a foundation and general understanding of the service for a more productive conversation. Our clients also report an increase in demo show rates as the explainer video got prospects more excited about the product.
The tutorial videos, on the other hand, provide guidelines for new clients and help tremendously from a customer service perspective. They’ve cut down the time spent in explaining functionality, improved customer experience, and lowered expenses for staff.



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