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Channel Bakers

The team at Channel Bakers had a very clear vision of the animation they wanted to be included in a bespoke video that communicates an understanding of the obstacles when selling and advertising on Amazon, as well as their core value propositions.  We produced this incredibly cool and stylish stop motion animated explainer video for Channel Bakers that shows how to make a brand stand out and grab attention with selective use of color, stylistic animation, and music.


We had a strong brand identity to work with which was connected to the music industry. We were tasked with making a fun musical video using title cards to communicate the core value propositions of Channel Bakers, as well as using stop-motion animation and a vibrant color palette to give the video a stand-out appeal. Because this video does not feature a voice over, we also wanted to time the animations to the beats of the backing music, giving it extra stylistic appeal.

  • Industry

    Music & Entertainment

  • Style

    Motion Graphics

  • Usage

    E-mail Marketing

  • Length


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