Animated Music video

Me and Five more is a music video for a metal band that illustrates the song’s lyrics, message, and overall tone.


Exit Reality is a metal band from Plovdiv, Bulgaria that started in 2017. Me and Five More is their latest single. For the video, the members of the band wanted to create something unique, artistic, and in line with the dark, existential message of the song.


The lyrics of the song Me and Five More describe the inner monologue of a person struggling with the various personas that live in his mind. Torn by inner contradictions, the lyrical hero is trying to find a sense of self in the monotony of his everyday life. The idea of the inner fight between good and evil makes the theme of the song universal and the lyrics – very relatable.


Our illustrator Nikki created six characters for the video. The main character is the hero of the song, we follow his internal struggles as he travels from the monotony of his real life into the surreal world of his deepest and darkest emotions. There, he encounters a cast of characters who personify his contrasting inner selves. They represent a metaphor for the hero’s struggle with mental health and the obstacles on his path to self-acceptance.

All characters are drawn in Photoshop which gives them a unique feel and emphasizes the emotional intensity.


Our animator Andy used a combination of frame-by-frame and vector animation to give the video an authentic, one-of-a-kind look. He also added effects mimicking a shaking camera and superzooms to create tension and a sense of panic in the video, as well as make it dynamic and engaging to watch. An important objective was to set a rhythm in the movement that fitted the tempo of the song.

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