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Animate Facial Expressions in After Effects withour Plugins

In this tutorial, Ina shows how you can create a logo reveal for McDonald’s in After Effects. Follow the steps in the video to do it yourself!

Step 1: The Burger

For each element of the burger, Ina has position and scale keyframes. You can adjust the graph as shown in the video. The next thing that Ina does is to animate the position of the line which represents the tomato and also adjust the graph.

Step 2: The Cup

Then, Ina animates only the scale for this object. So only the scale is animated here. She makes a few adjustments to the graph and synchronizes it with the straw. Around the cup, Ina places a motion element that she animated by changing the settings for the trim paths and the taper.
Next, Ina creates a new object to which she parents the cup and movement stroke. This is done so she can animate the position and rotation keyframes.

Step 3: The Fries

And now for the fries. For the base, Ina only animates the scale. Then for the fries, she animates the position and the rotation and makes them bounce a little bit. And then she offsets all of the fries, after which she makes them go up and then down.

Step 4: The Golden Arches

For the logo itself, Ina creates a shape layer that she animates the trim paths. Then she alpha-mattes the actual logo to this shape. She duplicates the logo and shape three times and adds a black, red, and yellow fill.

Here is the final result! For more free tutorials, tips, and guidelines, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

logo reveal

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