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As a self-taught animator, I know how hard it is to learn to animate. Back when I started, there was no such thing as a Youtube tutorial (okay maybe a few, but they weren’t helping a lot). All I did was click on every single button I saw. Now, there are plenty of tutorials everywhere, so you can learn anything super fast if you really want to. 

But you know… it’s still hard. That end results in the tutorial you saw looked so much better than what you did… I am solving this problem for you, by sharing all my best ideas and all my project files.

Yes, I am doing it! You know why? I believe that when you know something, as little as you think that might be, it is your obligation to share it with the world, to leave something behind. My hope is I can teach thousands. By following my content, you are also helping me on my mission to build a shelter for homeless animals in Bulgaria. 

So, let’s go…

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