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How Animated Videos Can Help Explain Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Animated ads and explainer videos are perfect for businesses that use blockchain technology. They can help them pitch ideas to more investors and advertise to the general public. People tend to lose interest in things they can’t understand. This makes blockchain difficult to advertise to laymen. That is why more and more tech startups rely on the power of animation and motion graphics to simplify the complex and showcase their product.

Here are some of the best examples.

Guide Bitcoin

Going into cryptocurrency unprepared causes a lot of people to make rash and uninformed decisions and ultimately lose a lot of money. Guide Bitcoin solves this problem by offering free courses that explain blockchain and crypto investments to newbies.


Our client at Qubit approached us with the task to create a video that introduces their application, highlights its main functions, and presents the company’s values. We decided to produce an explainer animation that is simple, yet effective. The color combinations are carefully selected to have a calming effect while making the video stand out, while the clever animated elements and transitions make the video memorable and easy to follow.


This video focuses on the definition, application, and benefits of cryptocurrency as a whole and only then it introduces the product – Dagcoin. This shows that the company wants its users to know what they’re getting into, giving the business integrity and a positive image.

Sigmas Coin

This video doesn’t just explain blockchain but its application for saving the environment. It starts by showing the grim reality of pollution and climate change in an effort to urge people to act now. The beautiful animation and easy-to-understand narrative spark the interest of the viewer in finding out more and joining the project.


To make the story more accessible, SwapKiwi associates an NFT swap with exchanging cards as children. This makes the vides relatable and gives a great illustration of how the service works.

Do you have a business that is hard to explain and confusing to customers? We can help you reach wider audiences and generate quality leads with animation. Book a FREE strategy call now!

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