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Animated Explainer Videos that Boost Brand Awareness (4 Examples)

Brand awareness shows how much consumers are familiar with your brand, services, or the products you sell. This is the first step of your marketing funnel – the moment that users learn about your business for the first time.

The videos in the brand awareness stage need to introduce the brand and the customer problem it solves. Your prospects might be aware of the problem they have, or your video can help them understand an issue they didn’t realize they face. Here is how we did that in the following videos.

Loox is a company that collects verified customer reviews. They needed a video that showcases the customer problem – people not buying from their website – and the solution Loox provides. By offering authentic client testimonials, brands increase trust and conversions.

Level 3 disrupts the obsolete structure of the healthcare system and offers a brand-new way of providing insurance. This means that the video has to not only introduce the business but also demonstrate the problems with the traditional system of healthcare insurance. We did that by introducing an antagonist that represents health insurance agents.

Craftcloud is another innovative service – it is an online platform that compares 3D printing vendors and handles your entire order – from payment to shipping. In the video, we raise brand awareness for our client by detailing the service benefits and the ease of use.

TwnSqr is an app that revolutionizes the real estate business by helping users list and sell their property online. The video starts by showing the negatives of the conventional way property is sold. In contrast, the benefits of TwnSqr stand out even more.

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