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5 Holiday Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in 2021

Holiday shopping in November and December takes up about 20% of consumer spending all year round and his year, Christmas sales are expected to increase by 8.5 – 10.5% compared to 2020. These numbers show why everyone – from small businesses to giant brands – takes the time to create a solid holiday marketing strategy.

If you still haven’t figured out how to maximize profits through the power of holiday marketing, take a look at our five tips below.

Tip 1: Google Shopping Campaign

When people search for holiday gifts, one of the first places they look for is on Google. So whether you have an online or a physical store, you must put your product in front of potential customers on Google. And a great way to do that is by creating a Shopping Campaign. They help you promote your products and give users detailed information about what you’re selling before they even click your ad. This includes a picture and a price, which will appear next to your competitors. So make sure you present your product with a great high-quality image and an irresistible price. Here is a quick guide on how to create an effective shopping campaign.

Tip 2: Create a Sense of Urgency

Shopping for Christmas presents is time-sensitive, especially when it’s online. Consumers know that online stores are extremely busy around the holidays so they are always concerned about getting their orders on time. You can use this to enhance your holiday marketing strategy.

Create a sense of urgency and push your clients to make the buying decision. At the same time, make them feel confident that once their decision has been made, you will fulfill your promise and deliver on time.

You can create a sense of urgency in many different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Add a countdown to your landing page
  • Add a banner with a call-to-action
  • Make a limited-time-only special offer

Make sure you add the information your clients want to know: how much is the discount, what is so great about your offer, and most importantly – when does it end.

Tip 3: Invest in Social Media Ads

The advantage that social media ads have compared to other marketing channels is that they are much more cost-efficient. Advertising on Instagram for instance costs way less than placing a TV ad or designing and renting our a bunch of billboards. Another great thing about advertising on social media platforms is that they allow you to target very specific groups of people and carefully filter out your audience. That means that if you know who is your dream buyer, you can conduct a holiday marketing campaign a lot more effectively on social media than anywhere else. And if you operate an online store, you can reach millions of people and potential clients with just one ad. In addition to ads, make sure that you also produce useful and engaging social media content for the holidays.

Tip 4: Use Retargeting Campaigns

If you don’t use retargeting as part of your marketing strategy, now is the time to start! Remarketing or Retargeting means showing ads to the users who’ve already visited your site, but have taken no action. Although often underestimated by some marketers, these campaigns can be great for boosting your conversions, especially during the holidays. Think of it this way – for people who’ve already considered your product, a friendly reminder might be the push they need to make a purchase.

In order to be effective, a retargeting campaign must be…well, targeted. Display ads based on the actions your viewers have taken. For instance, if a visitor has spent time on your product page, then it makes sense to show them an ad again. But if someone just visited your blog, then maybe they are not worth going after, as they most likely didn’t intend to buy in the first place.

Tip 5: Use Email Marketing

Although social media is great for advertising, do not underestimate the power of the good old email campaign. According to statistics, a well-made email holiday campaign can double your sales. Moreover, emails are usually sent to people who are already aware of who you are and have engaged with your website or content before. Make sure to personalize your emails and create engaging design and content that people will be tempted to open. You might even want to consider adding a short video to your email – according to statistics, a video can boost open rates by 19%, increase click-through rates by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

Know Your Shopper

We hope these tips help you optimize your holiday marketing strategy and increase sales. Remember that knowing your clients is probably the best way to sell to them – regardless of whether it’s Christmas or not. That’s why we’ve developed a short and comprehensive eBook to help you get to know your target buyer. You can download it now for free!

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