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360 Head Turn Animation (Free Project Files)

In this guide, we’ll learn how to create 360 head turn animation. You can download the project files to follow along.

1. Finding a reference

For this animation, it’s important to have a reference of how the head would look from the front, from the back, and from both sides. You can use the one from the source files that we’ve attached to this post.

2. Organizing your layers

Next, you have to organize your layers, rename them, and convert them to shapes.

3. Animating first position

The first position is a side view of the head from left or right, depending on the direction of the head’s turn. Adjust the path for the face. Look at your references if you have to. Next, drag the cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth so it looks like a side view. Reorder the layers and Alpha Matte them to the head shape. That way they won’t be going outside of the face when it’s turning.

4. Animating the second position

Duplicate the layers and start he new ones from where we finished the previous step. The layers must end to the head turned back.

5. The 180° turn

Open a new composition and duplicate the existing one. Then, time reverse and flip it. This will make the head turn from back to the other side.

Follow the video tutorial for more details and a step-by-step guide. Download the resource files so you can practice at home. Fore more animation tutorials subscribe to our YouTube channel Kashu Academy.

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