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Increase the productivity of your team with training videos. Make your company presentations efficient and easy-to-understand by the entire room.

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65% of users say video is their
favorite way to get to know how
to use a product or service.


80% of employees perceive in-house
training as among the top benefits
for working in a company.


96% of business leaders and
HR heads say video help train
employees better and faster.


Employees are 75% more likely
to watch a video than to read
documents, emails, or web articles.

What are internal training videos?

Internal videos refer to any animated video that is intended for your employees, supervisors, and colleagues.

What's the goal of the internal animations?

The goal of such types of videos is to provide your team members with informative, efficient guides. On top of that, they educate them on company policies, procedures, or customer service approaches. As a result, you improve staff productivity and make better business decisions.

Why are animated series effective?

Animations make training videos much less stressful for staff members and are easier to remember. Instead of having to read pages of manuals, all the necessary information can be delivered to your team in one or more short, concise animated videos.

How can internal training videos help me?

Internal animations are a great way to establishing your company culture and make everyone feel included.

Raise productivity

People remember information longer if it is presented in a visually appealing video format. This means your staff will learn faster and with long-lasting effects. This will lower the need for refreshing training and increase the proficiency of your team members.

Enhance recruitment

Efficient training is considered a benefit for most professionals, so offering internal animations will attract top personnel. Moreover, your employees will feel valued and encouraged to stay with the company.

Encourage growth

Presenting data and numbers through internal animations will help your supervisors trust your business decisions and provide good leverage for increased budgets in your department.

Why should I choose Kashu to produce my internal animations?

We know how to make memorable, easy-to-understand, and efficient videos that will help each member of your team feel valued.


of business leaders and HR heads say videos help train employees better and faster.

Our process.

animated explainer video


We uncover your goals, challenges, and strong points; pinpoint your dream clients and their motivation. We hatch a detailed action plan and conceptualize a video identity.

animated explainer video


Informed by a strong understanding of your brand, customer avatar, and objectives, we develop the elements of the video, such as script, voiceover, style, and visual narrative.

animated explainer video


Based on research findings and strategic insights, we deliver the final product designed to reach your target viewers and achieve your specific business goals.

Frequently Asked

What is the difference between training videos and tutorials?

Tutorials are a great way to educate people, however, they are usually directed at potential or existing clients. On the other hand, internal animations are aimed at employees or department heads, which makes the tone different than that of a tutorial.

What is my role in the process?

Our team of professionals handles all the steps in the process – from designs to animations, while keeping you in the loop at all times. In case you don’t have a script, our professional copywriters can craft one. All coordination, planning, and organization are handled by our project managers, that schedule feedback meeting with you on a regular basis and at your convenience. We might also request logos, brand book or other additional materials from you.

What are the Kashu guarantees?

On-of-a-kind: As our designs are made in-house by our team of creatives, your video will be completely unique and designed according to your specific goals and requirements.

On brand: We create eye-catching designs for our videos that are consistent with your brand message and created to appeal to your specified target audience.

On time: At Kashu we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. So we guarantee to meet yours.

Three free revisions: Client satisfaction is important to us!

Complete ownership: At the end of the day, the explainer video, designs, and additional materials are yours and yours alone. That’s why we make sure you always have access and ownership of the designs, documents, and animations that we’ve created for you.

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