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Loox is a Shopify app that collects verified customer reviews with photos and beautifully displays happy customer content to boost trust and increase sales. 


They needed an explainer video that didn't just show how their product works but could also convince the right people their product is essential. 

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    SaaS, Tech, Retail

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    Character animation

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    Social Media, Email Marketing

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  • Company Growth Increase


  • Conversion Rate Increase


Identifying challenges and goals.

We held several extensive meetings with the client to understand the goals they were looking to achieve and the challenges they were facing. Our preliminary talks involved a detailed characterization of their customer avatar – the perfect buying persona. We gathered insights into their marketing direction, viewership, and visitor stats to make sure the video would enhance those efforts and achieve optimal results. 

Loox already had plenty of visitors on their website, so the challenge was converting them to buyers. The goal was to emphasize the need for their product to the right audience – Shopify merchants looking to boost sales.

Research and strategy.

After accumulating all the information  needed from the client, we began in-depth internal research of the buying persona. The better we could visualize the target viewer, the easier we could influence their decision-making with the right tone and emotion of the video. We devised a strategy that covered all components – from script and voiceover to stylistic direction and visual narrative. Our team decided the perfect length was 90 seconds – enough to explain the product and convince of its benefits, but short enough to keep the attention of the target viewer. 

Client Persona.

Knowing who you’re selling to is a vital aspect of the overall marketing strategy for any brand and this is especially true for. Based on our experience, the meetings we had with our client, and our extensive internal research, we managed to pinpoint several important features of our target Shopify merchant:

Millenials in-tune with current trends

Shopify merchants are usually young people, familiar with social media and technology, and aware of new trends. This demographic does not respond well to classic sales pitches. That meant the tone of the video had to be casual, fun, and dynamic, and the perfect voiceover had to sound youthful and friendly.

Small and medium sellers

The target viewer is usually a self-reliant entrepreneur, who doesn’t have a massive budget for ads, and a dedicated marketing team, but is ambitious, hard-working, and determined to achieve growth. This person is not interested in technical gibberish, stats, or they want to see results. 

People from various ethnicities and genders

Anyone can buy and sell on Shopify. To connect with a wider specter of prospective customers, we included male and female characters. For their skin, we’ve used one of Loox’s brand colors, which also makes our characters racially neutral.

Merchants who have the right product, but are struggling to increase conversion

The main challenge for Loox’s prospective client was earning their visitors’ trust and turning them into buyers. The video had to emphasize that Loox offers the perfect solution for this specific problem: authentic social proof in the form of client photo reviews. We needed three primary characters – the store owner, the person leaving the photo review, and the end client – to display the sequence of events, explaining how Loox works. This also helped the target viewer visualize a plausible scenario, in which his sales skyrocket. 


After building a well-researched and thought out strategy, we started working on the different video components. The script was crafted to explain and convince with a straightforward, approachable language young people can understand. The style samples were designed in unison with the buying persona, and the storyboard showcased a fun and engaging visual narrative. We added dynamic music to further emphasize the youthful vibe of the video


Currently, Loox occupies fourth place in the Shopify App store’s “Growing your business” category. Our clients report annual growth of 200% and a 10% increase in conversion rate right after the video was distributed. These numbers show that the strategy we devised was successful and the intended goals were met. The video fitted perfectly within the overall marketing efforts of our clients and managed to reach the perfect audience.


Increased in conversion rate

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