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How We Get the Best Results with Animation (Our Explainer Video Process)

The explainer video is one of the most effective marketing tools if you want to raise brand awareness and boost sales. Explainers are also perfect when you want to pitch an idea, coach your team, or instruct users.

But to get the best return on investment out of your explainer video, you need to have a solid game plan. That is why based on our experience, we’ve crafted a step-by-step process that ensures we cover all the basis even before we’ve started with the animation. This has helped us achieve amazing results for our client like a 40% increase in conversions and double the annual growth.

Virtual Coffee

Before the actual process starts, we like to get to know our clients in a 15-20 minute conversation or virtual coffee as we like to call it. This preliminary talk lets us know what is it that our prospective client needs and how can we help them achieve their goal.


We at Kashu have created over 1000 explainer videos in the past 7 years. Each one of those clients had a unique set of goals, pain points, and expectations. So before we start sketching, we need to get to know the business and its unique goals and selling points. To help us build a working strategy for the video, we discuss things like challenges and goals, company values and unique selling points, and the buying persona.

Concepts and Stylescape

Once we have a clear understanding of the client and their needs, our team gets together to brainstorm ideas for the explainer video. This includes script structure, animation style, characters, overall mood and tone, voiceover, and music. We also present to the client one or two hand-picked styles of animation, including the characters, colors, and backgrounds.


The script is the foundation of every explainer video. That is why it needs to be carefully crafted based on the strategy, target audience, and goals. If the client doesn’t have a script, our copywriter creates one for them. If they already have a script, our experts review it and, if needed, offer suggestions on how it could be improved. At this stage, we also present detailed visual concepts for every scene in the video.

Video Identity

After the script and visual ideas have been approved, it’s time for our designers to start working on rough sketches of the scenes and a style sample of the character. Every creative decision is based on the strategy that we crafted for the client and the viewers we’re looking to impress. The goal of the sketches is to confirm the scenes, while the idea of the style sample is to pinpoint the overall look and feel.

Once the visual narrative is approved, our illustrators create the storyboard that will serve as a roadmap for the animation. The storyboard is like the video but with still images – it shows the final designs.


After the storyboard has been approved by the client, it’s time for our animators to bring everything to life. In the end, we add the voiceover, music, and sound effects and deliver the final product to the client for a final review.

Video Analytics and Insights

Contrary to popular belief, our job doesn’t end with the delivery of the explainer animation. To ensure our clients get the best results, we also offer additional insights on how and where to publish the video. Our marketing analysis also includes ideas on how to optimize the campaigns that feature the animation.

Are you looking for a simple way you too can get a winning video strategy? The entire process of delivering a custom, tailor-made explainer animation starts with one simple 15-minute “virtual coffee”. You can book this conversation with me absolutely for free and with no strings attached right now!

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