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How to Write an Effective Explainer Video Script

By 08/07/2019Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are a fantastic way for businesses to capture their target audience’s attention and explain their brand, idea, product, or service. These videos are an increasingly popular marketing tool due to their adaptability, short length, and visual appeal.  

However, as well as engaging animation, a well-written script is crucial to the success of any Explainer Video. Check out these essential tips on how to write an effective explainer video script.


Create a Strong Narrative


The narrative of an Explainer Video will often identify a problem before going on to explain how the businesses idea, product, or service can meet the needs of the target audience and provide a much-needed solution. To write an effective script with a problem to solution narrative, you should make sure that the problem is relatable and that the script moves on from the issue to the solution without taking too long as a video that concentrates too long on the problem may not have enough time to explain how great your product or service is!

Another popular approach to the narrative of an Explainer Video is a process overview or a product how-to. This script intends to inform or educate the viewer about your business product, idea, or service. Whatever way you approach the script, you must always consider how your video answers any questions your audience may have. If in doubt, think about the who, what, where, and why. For example, who is your Explainer Video aimed at? What problems do they face? What are the benefits of your product?


Keep it Short


Explainer videos are usually around 60-90 seconds, so it is therefore vital that the script is kept short, and to the point using easy-to-understand language. The most effective scripts have a well-paced narrative and will usually introduce the message that your business is communicating, quite early on in the video.  

A complicated narrative that shifts focus throughout the video is likely to be distracting for viewers and fail to convey your message. To ensure your target audience are gaining greater understanding and a positive view of your product, try to avoid uninteresting content and instead focus on expressing the benefits. Your final script will likely be edited heavily in comparison to your original. However, this is necessary to ensure the final video is clear, concise, and engaging.


Know your Audience


An effective Explainer Video script should resonate with your intended target audience. Directly addressing the audience can be a great way to make the video more personal and relevant to the viewer. When writing the script, you should keep the target audience in mind at all times and adapt the tone accordingly. This consideration is critical for engaging viewers and will work together with the visual design to create an Explainer Video that is aware of its audience and therefore, effective.

You may also want to consider what emotional response you hope to stir in your audience. For example, do you want to make your audience laugh or feel empathic? Effective use of tone, language, and relevant data can all communicate a sense of emotion; however, it can be important not to be too heavy so that the brand message remains clear.


Consider the Voiceover


When writing an Explainer Video Script, you should always consider that the script will be read aloud. It is, therefore, a good idea to avoid any awkward phrasing for the voiceover to sound as natural as possible.

You should also consider the visual element of explainer videos and where possible, show your ideas rather than tell your audience. Viewers often process visual imagery quicker and making good use of animation can also save on your word count, allowing your script to go in to further, more relevant detail elsewhere.


Explainer Video Scripts from Kashu


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