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How Animated Explainer Videos Can Help Sell Software and SaaS Products?

Animated explainer videos are designed to explain complicated concepts and products in an approachable language and with memorable visual aid. They are ideal for selling saas products and making consumers care about software they wouldn’t even know they needed in the first place. Here are just a few examples.


Desktop’s video starts by introducing a problem I’m sure a lot of you face – a chaotic and disorganized digital life. By beginning with a relatable pain point, the video not only immediately grabs the viewer’s attention but also helps them understand what everyday issues the product solves.


In this video, we combine real-life avatars with motion graphics to create a sleek and effective explainer. We use a pastel palette with a red accent to underline the main visual focus. To keep the video simple, all unnecessary elements have been removed and the UI is stylized.


Simpo is a fun and entertaining video with a rick-and-morty-style animation. The relatable effect is achieved with humor and visual gags, while the simplicity is emphasized by the overly simplified interface mockup.


By using a minimal strike-based style, we’ve trimmed all distractions from the eZeeWallet video. This way, the viewer can remain focused on how the application works and its benefits. At the same time, the colors give the video a cool and stable vibe.


Like the brands in the other videos, Wagestream has an awesome real-life application. Their challenge was explaining the benefits to blue-collar workers in a way that is empathetic, positive, and understandable. That is why we decided to include characters to represent the buyer persona and their struggle.

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