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How to Use Segmentation in Your Video Strategy?

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segmentation marketing


By now, most marketers and business owners already know of the positive effects explainer videos have on a marketing campaign. But what still eludes a lot of people is how to create an effective on-brand video that maximizes ROI. One of the often neglected ways to do that is to segment your audience. Segmentation allows you to identify different groups of target customers in a way that will help you understand them better. This way, you can create personalized, hyper-specific campaigns that are much more likely to produce success. It also presents you with the data to determine which campaign generates the most revenue.

Why use segmentation?

Here’s an example: every SaaS business needs an explainer video, but the pain points of a B2B company are very different from those of a B2C. Going deeper, a business-to-business start-up that sells ERPs for healthcare professionals faces challenges that are different than, say, a collaboration tool for graphic designers. By segmenting out potential clients, we strive to get to know the specific pain points of every individual group, which helps us come up with tailor-made solutions. Averages can be misleading and without proper segmentation, you might run the risk of making the wrong strategic decisions for your video campaign. 


How to use it effectively?

Proper segmentation depends on your business model, your product, your metrics, and your goals. It can be as simple or as complex as you want, but you need to decide which type is the most effective for you. The four basic segmentation categories are Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioral, and Geographic. While those categories are incredibly useful, the perfect video strategy will probably require a more in-depth and goal-specific look into your audience groups.

For example, if your goal is customer retention, useful segmentation criteria might be something like:

  • At-risk of canceling. The so-called churn rate: the rate at which your clients cancel their subscriptions, is a good metric to separate those who need more convincing to renew their subscription.
  • Unprofitable customers – the ones that are low in value for your business, but cost you a lot to maintain. Identifying this group of people can help you turn things around and make them profitable.
  • Profitable customers – the ones that have the highest lifetime value.
  • Product/service advocates – the most valuable segment, who will support you and recommend you. It’s important to nurture them as they are not only loyal in the long term, but can also refer others.


By separating your audience segments, you can develop a great video marketing strategy and target segments that are worth investing in. Imagine that you wish to focus on your product advocates. You know that showing appreciation to this part of your client base will help build awareness and a positive brand reputation, and it will also strengthen your company’s relationship with your most loyal clients. After you identify this segment, you can produce a video directed specifically at them and their unique pain points and desires.


Or maybe you want to address the objections people on the verge of canceling their subscription might have. Why not produce an amazing video addressing their doubts head-on and help them feel assured enough in your services and care to renew.


Of source, this is just one type of segmentation that caters to a specific goal – customer retention. If your goal is to increase new leads, you might want to go a different direction, and segment people according to (for instance) state in their customer journey. The tactics you would use to raise awareness for people who’ve never heard of your product will be completely different from the ones you’d utilize for those at the decision-making stage.


In conclusion

Segmentation data allows you to refine your video’s message. Building customer profiles of your various segments will help you find the specific language to address each group in the most effective way through explainer video. This will lead you to maximize your results and increase ROI. This doesn’t mean you have to get a separate video for each segment that you have defined. However, when you are ready to create one for your business, you need to know which specific segment you’re addressing in order to get the best out of it.


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Today…we’re talking storyboards. If you’re thinking of getting a video made, it’s likely you’re familiar with the concept. Not so much? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. See, you can’t just dive in headfirst, throw a few shots together and hope for the best. That’s a recipe for disaster. As with anything else in life, planning is vital. Ever thought of what a house would look like without the initial blueprint? Not pretty. That’s for sure.
Here at Kashu, we firmly believe that storyboard design helps you to determine whether a concept will work or not. A well-crafted, professional storyboard also helps you work out the right direction to take, provide notes to animators and more. Most importantly, it gives you a clear view on how the whole 2D animation will flow and unfold.
Ever been in a position where you’re trying to explain something, but everyone just looks at you funny? A storyboard makes visualizing a lot easier.
Think of it like a comic book. Before it comes to life, it needs to have structure. It’s the best way to share your vision with others, and show them what the video should look like. It makes the whole production process so much easier, acting as a starting point or timeline with all the angles, shot types, design and characters that should be incorporated.
There are multiple stages to the storyboarding process. First, we deliver a rough sketch a little like this one over here to confirm that the end-product will be as you envision it. Once that’s approved, we’ll go ahead with the character setups Those look a little something like this . Once THAT’S approved…the entire graphic storyboard can be set into motion – like this one over here.
It also saves a whole lot of time later, preventing unnecessary revisions, seeing as the flow and shot composition are already in place. Most importantly, it helps you create your animation according to your vision. And that’s what matters!
Stay tuned for more nutty advice from the team here at


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⦁ 60% of site visitors will watch any available videos BEFORE resorting to reading text.
⦁ 56% of consumers agree that any company that has a website, should definitely have a video too.
⦁ One minute of video is worth 1.8 MILLION words – according to Forrester Research.
⦁ 80% of consumers agree that watching a video is a vital part of learning how a service works or what a company offers.
⦁ Users spend an average of 16 minutes a month watching video ads online.
⦁ YouTube’s search engine is the 2nd most popular on the planet. In fact, it’s larger and more popular than Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask put together. Now, THAT’S powerful.
⦁ Customer testimonials, explainer tutorials and demonstration videos are all the most effective types of video content, according to a whopping 50% of marketers.
⦁ Got video content? People will stay on your site for 2 minutes longer.
Still not convinced? We don’t know what else to say. It’s clear that video is changing the face of the world, and if you haven’t hopped on the visual bandwagon yet, now might be a good time! Need a helping hand? Our creative team is ready to assist.


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How animation helps your rankings
It’s safe to say that most people in today’s world grew up watching animations. Maybe not your GREAT Uncle Bob, but your Uncle Bob for sure. If you’re selling lemonade, and Uncle Bob wants lemonade, why would he buy yours when the guy next door is selling it? The guy-next-door’s lemonade isn’t as good as yours. However, he showed Uncle Bob a cool cartoon animation convincing him to get lemonade. Get it? Got it.
So, people like animations. They like being engaged, and it makes them think of their childhood. Animated videos for your business are a very, very delicious idea. It allows you to deliver your message in a quick and simple way, without getting overly-complex. That’s where a pro wordsmith comes in, saying 1000 words in about 150.
Animation motivates buyers more, while improving search rankings. They bring even the most mundane of websites to life, drawing people in, in a minute or less. Need more time? Make a longer video. But not too long. Short is sweet, and sweet is king.
Animated videos allow you to inform AND entertain at the same time. Uncle Bob was thirsty, and the guy-next-door’s video made him laugh. Double whammy. Yummy AND funny. Animated explainer videos show your personality, acting as your tireless salesman 24/7. Such videos are easy to share, and help you stay on trend.
What’s not to love about animated explainer videos?
Kashu has a whole team of bees ready to make yours. If you’re ready, of course.


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Want to promote your business? Great. What’s NOT great is using ineffective methods to get your name out there. Basically, placing an ad in the paper won’t get you anywhere. Anymore. Maybe 20 years ago, but this is the millennial generation. Attention spans are dropping to less than that of a baby goldfish. In today’s world, you need an explainer video.
Why? Our Kashu bees will tell you why.
Our well-crafted explainer videos and captivating animations boost conversions and sales. They’ll make you serious, serious honey. We mean money. In fact, adding an animated explainer video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Epic, we know.
The animated explainer video which Kashu will create for you, will also produce great ROI. In fact, 76% of businesses admit that videos increased their return on investment. Our videos build trust, as it speaks to customers directly while using color, pictures, music and a soothing voice to tell your story.
Google loves videos, meaning you’re 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google if a pretty little video is embedded on your site. Awesome, right? What’s just as awesome is the fact that video appeals to mobile users. People use smartphones every day to watch videos. They don’t want to read. Got a video? Got customers. here
The best part? It doesn’t even need to cost an arm and a leg. That’s what Kashu is here for. We offer explainer videos that align with your budget, without compromising quality. In fact, quality is what we do best. Get a quote today, and let’s make some honey.