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What Exactly are Explainer Videos?

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Explainer videos are an increasingly popular marketing tool, but other than being visually stunning what exactly are explainer videos? What makes them so effective, and why are the team at Kashu so passionate about them?


The Basics of Explainer Videos


In a nutshell, the primary purpose of an explainer video is to explain, no surprises there! The videos usually focus on an idea, product, or service and can be recognized by the combined use of easy-to-understand language and engaging visuals.

Designed to capture your intended audience’s attention, Explainer Videos are often an ideal way for businesses or organizations to communicate their message and express what their company, product, or service is all about. The use of visuals, almost always animated, a supporting voiceover, and often music allows for creative freedom and the opportunity to convey complex ideas in a simplistic and engaging way.


How to recognize an Explainer Video


To understand exactly what Explainer Videos are, it’s essential to recognize the main characteristics.

You can usually identify Explainer videos by the use of animated graphics and characters combined with a quality voice over and often music. The videos are to the point, easy to understand, and attempting to engage a targeted audience.

In terms of a narrative, Explainer videos often identify a problem the audience may be concerned with and go on to explain how their idea, product or service meets the needs of their targeted audience and provide a solution. The videos usually address the direct questions of how what and why to convey their message.


Why are Explainer videos so effective?


Now you have an increased understanding of the purpose and basic or primary characteristics of an Explainer video and can recognize or identify one. Let’s take a look at what makes these types of visual content so effective as a marketing tool.


Able to quickly explain your idea in an engaging way


Explainer videos are also great at maintaining your target audience’s attention due to their visual appeal and short length. The videos are usually no longer than 90 seconds to capture to ensure the message remains straightforward and easy to digest.


Communicates directly with your target audience


This concise approach also allows your business to get right to the point and deliver a clear message, communicating exactly who and what your business is, what you have to offer, how the products or services will benefit potential customers and why they should support or invest in your vision.

This vast potential, sense of creative freedom to explain your business idea, product, or service in an informative and educational way and ability to capture the audience’s attention makes an Explainer Video a fantastic asset to any marketing strategy.


Increases brand awareness


Their visual appeal also allows businesses to creatively express the identity of the brand using color and strong visuals. This is another advantage to Explainer Videos as a successful video can leave a long-lasting impression and can contribute to increased brand awareness.

The animated element of Explainer videos can be extremely effective in appealing to a specific demographic and can, therefore, resonate with your target audience. This sense of awareness around your brand and its products or services is great from a marketing perspective as it can progress to consideration around purchasing what you have to offer and therefore potential future conversions.


Increases online visibility


As well as increased brand awareness, Explainer Videos also contribute to increased online visibility. Engaging videos are often great assets to share on YouTube and across social media platforms with the intention to spread the word about your idea, service, or product and to reach your audience. 

Embedding an engaging Explainer Video on the landing page of your business website is also great for your online presence and visibility as it can result in users spending longer on your page. From an SEO perspective (Search Engine Optimisation), retaining the interest of visitors to your website is ideal as it can contribute to your business ranking well on Google and other search engine results pages.

The videos can also reduce the bounce rate on your page as the use of engaging, visual content is likely to result in visitors further exploring your website. Effective Explainer Videos are able to steer visitors towards fulfilling any calls-to-action and encourage the journey to conversion!


Creative freedom on a smaller budget


In comparison to the cost of producing live-action videos, animated Explainer Videos can often be created on a smaller budget, in a shorter time-frame and prove to be extremely engaging due to the visual appeal.

The animated element of the Explainer Videos allows for creative freedom and the potential to convey any idea visually and avoid the financial limitations of live-action footage. This cost-effective aspect to Explainer Videos further enforces their reputation as a great marketing tool for any business.


Why choose Kashu to create your Explainer Video?


The team of creative bees at Kashu are extremely passionate about creating stunning, animated Explainer Videos. We pride ourselves on ensuring the videos we make are unique to your business, product, or service.

That’s why we offer the full package and carry out the entire process internally, from the first brainstorming ideas session to the final edit. Our services include copywriting and scriptwriting if required, to ensure the language used in the video is clear and concise and delivers your message in an easy-to-understand way. We also record professional voiceovers at the Beehive, available in several languages and accents as well as offering original music and high-quality audio.

We work closely with our clients and will keep you in the loop throughout the animation process in terms of character design, storyboarding, and editing. At Kashu, we pride ourselves on developing excellent working relationships and have years of experience creating over 10,000 Explainer Videos and Corporate Animations for international brands such as Nissan, KFC, and Vodafone.

Is your business interested in Explainer Videos by Kashu? Take a look at our extensive portfolio, or to receive a quote, simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you soon to discuss your ideas! 

Storytime: How to Create a Compelling Brand Story

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Why do I need a compelling brand story?


Globalization can be a bit of a polarizing-word these days; it’s a term that brings with it a range of feelings that are dependent on your circumstances and perspective. For many people, especially those running commercial businesses, globalization has become synonymous with increased competition in a wide range of industries across the globe. As a result, the vast majority of people running a company today will tell you that the market in which they’re operating feels crowded. 

Now, if you’ve ever had any experience trying to sell to the public, especially in a crowded environment, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to hold someone’s attention under those circumstances. It’s even harder to get people to listen to what you are selling when you’re in a noisy environment full of competition; with so many options available it can be hard enough to get your voice heard, let alone convince someone that your product is superior to that of your competitor! 

Furthermore, the growth of online retail has, in many ways, only made things more difficult for the vast majority of business owners. Not only do businesses now have to cut through the noise of their online global competitors, but giant corporations such as Amazon and eBay also have in many ways changed the long-established rules of retail. Services that could once be used to distinguish a company to its customers, such as next-day delivery and 24/7 customer assistance, are now the new and expected bassline of online retail. As a result, many customers tend to fall back on the classic differentiator – price. 

As a result, you’re probably asking yourself whether or not it’s even possible to compete at all in your industry’s modern marketplace; if you can’t compete on price, the range of provided services or your overall customer service experience, how can you compete at all?  Well, that’s easy to answer – your business needs a compelling brand story! A compelling brand story will help your business cut through the noise and ruckus of your competitors, helping your company to differentiate itself within your industry successfully. 

So, if you’re looking for some unique tips on how to help create a compelling story around your businesses’ brand, read on:


Does your business have an origin story worthy of a Marvel comic?


Whether or not you’re a superhero fan, when it comes to literary heroes, we all love a protagonist with a great origin story; thankfully, the same is also often true of businesses and their lowly beginnings. If your brand’s inception was intriguing, don’t be shy – share it with your potential customers! 

By building out the birth story of your business, carefully explaining the when’s, why’s and how’s of how your company came to be, you’ll be increasing the chances that a customer may become personally invested in your businesses’ story and your brand’s identity – they’ll want to see what happens next! Additionally, sharing your company’s mission, or objective, is another sure-fire way of creating a strong narrative arc for your business that helps to create a compelling brand story with which people can engage.

With that being said, be careful not to gloss over your businesses’ struggles, people aren’t so naïve as to believe your successful business began without a hitch, and pretending otherwise may rub your audience up the wrong way. Starting a business is undeniably tricky, so share some of those challenges with your customers – people have a tendency to bond over a sense of shared hardship. Therefore, by highlighting the difficulties your business has faced in its past, your brand will appear more honest, approachable, and trustworthy.


Once you’ve got your audience’s attention – make sure you keep it


When it comes to your brand’s story, the most fundamental factor should be that it appeals to your businesses’ target demographic. Thankfully you’re off to a good start because no-one’s going to know your businesses’ target demographic better than you! 

Ideally, you need to identify what motivates your audience? What do they like about your industry or product, and what do they dislike? Once you’ve identified factors such as this, you’ll be in a better position to write a compelling brand story that appeals directly to the demographic your intending on targeting. 

You’ll also want to ensure that you are monitoring engagement with your brand’s story in some way! In doing so, you’ll be able to modify the tone and language you use in efforts to greater reflect the narrative of your brand’s story. For example, if some social media posts receive more engagement than others, try and identify why that may be; don’t be afraid to experiment with how you deliver your brand’s story, as you may find more effective ways in which to bolster the narrative of your business.


Nobody likes a poser


With that being said, however, it’s essential to be authentic – nobody likes a poser! It’s all well and good wanting to establish a compelling brand story to help distinguish your business in a competitive industry; however, make sure that it is your story. There’s no use in fostering an engaging brand story for your company, only for it to be at complete odds with both what your business is and what it does. 

Moreover, it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of customers are exposed to an ungodly amount of advertising and are, as a result, adept at spotting when a brand is ‘playing’ a part rather than being authentic. Remember, the whole purpose of establishing a compelling brand story is to build a level of trust between your business and its potential customers; if a consumer feels as though you are inauthentic, and that you are attempting to violate their trust, the relationship you are trying to foster will be undermined considerably.


Show people your brand, don’t tell them about it


It might be too distant a date to cast your mind back to, but when you were studying at school, did you ever participate in an activity called show and tell? If you did, do you ever really remember anyone spending their time telling the class about something, rather than showing it to them? Exactly! People would rather be shown something and left to come to their own conclusions, rather than lectured about it in an abstract and removed way. 

The same can be said of your business. People have no interest in reading a vague and dispassionate list of your company’s supposed ‘fantastic’ qualities, and businesses tend to do this all the time – they instead want to be shown those qualities in practice. For example, if your business is a specialist in affordable lifestyle products, show your audience the positive impact those products are having on the lives of their owners; with the enormous power and popularity of social media, it’s never been easier to show your customers your brand’s story. 

Moreover, as people would instead be shown your brand’s story rather than told about it, you may even wish to consider commissioning a captivating video to explain your company’s origins to your audience. Additionally, with the enormous popularity of video hosting websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, if you’re not utilizing mediums such as film in which to sell your brand’s story, you could potentially be missing out on a vast audience.

With that being said, although video is a brilliant choice in which to convey your brand’s story and character, if your video is of poor quality, it’s unlikely to either gain any traction or stand out at all. 

Here at Kashu, we’re an experienced and talented team of creatives that specialize in creating animated Explainer Videos that sell; we’d recommend working with a similarly experienced and talented creative studio if you do decide that an animated explainer video can help your business create a compelling brand story. 


Explainer Videos by Kashu


In today’s high-speed, crowded and competitive market place, making sure that your company has a compelling brand story can be a pivotal factor in whether or not you see success. Where the brand’s story was once considered a trivial and excessive façade, it is today an essential differentiator that can help your company stand out from its competitors. If your business doesn’t have a compelling brand story, many customers will fall back on the classic differentiator, price – and a race to the bottom against Amazon and eBay most definitely isn’t the path to success. A compelling brand story, on the other hand, allows your business to compete in different ways. 

Here at Kashu, we understand these difficulties and know just how hard it can be to keep up in this fast-moving, inter-connected, and highly competitive global economy. We specialize in producing the highest-quality in bespoke Explainer Videos for our clients, and have created over 10,000 animated Explainer Videos and Corporate Animations for international brands such as Office 365, Dunkin’ Donuts and KFC – trust us, we know what makes a compelling brand story. 

So, if you’re looking for an engaging and bespoke Explainer Video to support your brand’s story, simply fill in our contact form with as much detail as you can about your requirements. We’ll be in contact as quickly as possible with an affordable quote and the answers to any questions you may have had! 

How to Write an Effective Explainer Video Script

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Explainer Videos are a fantastic way for businesses to capture their target audience’s attention and explain their brand, idea, product, or service. These videos are an increasingly popular marketing tool due to their adaptability, short length, and visual appeal. 

However, as well as engaging animation, a well-written script is crucial to the success of any Explainer Video. Check out these essential tips on how to write an effective explainer video script.


Create a Strong Narrative


The narrative of an Explainer Video will often identify a problem before going on to explain how the businesses idea, product, or service can meet the needs of the target audience and provide a much-needed solution. To write an effective script with a problem to solution narrative, you should make sure that the problem is relatable and that the script moves on from the issue to the solution without taking too long as a video that concentrates too long on the problem may not have enough time to explain how great your product or service is!

Another popular approach to the narrative of an Explainer Video is a process overview or a product how-to. This script intends to inform or educate the viewer about your business product, idea, or service. Whatever way you approach the script, you must always consider how your video answers any questions your audience may have. If in doubt, think about the who, what, where, and why. For example, who is your Explainer Video aimed at? What problems do they face? What are the benefits of your product?


Keep it Short


Explainer videos are usually around 60-90 seconds, so it is therefore vital that the script is kept short, and to the point using easy-to-understand language. The most effective scripts have a well-paced narrative and will usually introduce the message that your business is communicating, quite early on in the video. 

A complicated narrative that shifts focus throughout the video is likely to be distracting for viewers and fail to convey your message. To ensure your target audience are gaining greater understanding and a positive view of your product, try to avoid uninteresting content and instead focus on expressing the benefits. Your final script will likely be edited heavily in comparison to your original. However, this is necessary to ensure the final video is clear, concise, and engaging.


Know your Audience


An effective Explainer Video script should resonate with your intended target audience. Directly addressing the audience can be a great way to make the video more personal and relevant to the viewer. When writing the script, you should keep the target audience in mind at all times and adapt the tone accordingly. This consideration is critical for engaging viewers and will work together with the visual design to create an Explainer Video that is aware of its audience and therefore, effective.

You may also want to consider what emotional response you hope to stir in your audience. For example, do you want to make your audience laugh or feel empathic? Effective use of tone, language, and relevant data can all communicate a sense of emotion; however, it can be important not to be too heavy so that the brand message remains clear.


Consider the Voiceover


When writing an Explainer Video Script, you should always consider that the script will be read aloud. It is, therefore, a good idea to avoid any awkward phrasing for the voiceover to sound as natural as possible.

You should also consider the visual element of explainer videos and where possible, show your ideas rather than tell your audience. Viewers often process visual imagery quicker and making good use of animation can also save on your word count, allowing your script to go in to further, more relevant detail elsewhere.


Explainer Video Scripts from Kashu


At Kashu, our experienced team of creative bees make custom Explainer Videos by working through our straightforward and well-developed process. We’ve created over 10,000 Explainer Videos for a wide range of businesses and international brands such as KFC, Vodafone and Office 365.

In terms of an effective Explainer Video Script, our team is able to work with and develop your existing script or create a clear, concise and engaging script as an extra service.

For a custom Explainer Video for your business idea, product or service, complete the online contact form, including as many details regarding your video as possible and we’ll be in touch shortly! 

Do Explainer Videos Help SEO?

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So, you want to know if an Explainer Video can help your website’s SEO ranking? Well, you’re in the right place! Although Explainer Videos don’t necessarily have a direct impact upon your website’s SEO ranking, there are plenty of indirect ways they can help to boost where your website is currently ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Thankfully, Kashu is here to explain to you the three most significant impacts an Explainer Video can have on your website’s SEO – read on to discover more:


1: Google likes longer visits to your website


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing the quality as well as the quantity of organic traffic visiting a website. It is often done by attempting to increase either the website’s visibility or a webpage’s visibility, to users of a search engine such as Google or Bing. 

For a search engine like Google to decide which pages are ranked first, or last, the software’s algorithm considers a vast range of known and unknown metrics – one such metric we know of is the average time visitors spent on a website or a webpage.  According to research published by TIME magazine, roughly 55% of a website’s viewership spend less than 15 seconds actively engaging with a webpage; that’s not very much time at all, especially if you’re looking to make a sale. 

Accordingly, an engaging and well-designed animated Explainer Video could potentially boost the average visit time on your website by around 2 minutes. As we know Google is interested in the average time visitors spend on a website, considering it a critical SERP ranking factor, it would be safe to assume that an Explainer Video can potentially help your website’s SEO by encouraging your visitors to stay around longer than they perhaps would have intended. 


2: Don’t forget about YouTube


People tend to forget that Google is a parent company to many of the internet’s most loved domains, and YouTube has been a part of the Google family since 2006. Although we don’t have any definitive proof that Google’s algorithm favors content hosted on YouTube, it would be naïve to assume that Google didn’t have some preference for its own video-sharing company. 

Most of us know the obvious benefits associated with YouTube as a video-sharing platform: it’s free to upload to, there’s a potential for uploads to go viral and if used properly it can function as an effective marketing tool. However, there are hidden SEO benefits to YouTube that you might not be aware of. 

One such SEO benefit is the use of YouTube’s captioning suite, which enables users of the website to add or correct captions to an uploaded video. Although nine out of ten times the software will accurately transcribe the audio of your video into text, it’s a good practice to ensure that the video’s script is 100% accurate. As Google is unable to read or infer information in the same way that humans do, it’s essential to ensure that the captions you upload are accurate; that way, when you link to the video from your website, Google’s algorithm will be able to establish the relevance between your website and the video’s transcription. In this way, an explainer video can be a highly effective way of assisting your website’s SEO by targeting important keywords.


3: Google SERP Videos


The third and final way that explainer videos can positively affect your website’s SEO is by physically appearing on Google’s SERP. Now, although this isn’t directly boosting your website’s ranking on Google’s SERP, so to speak, it is having a range of far-reaching effects on your website’s broader SEO metrics. 

For example, several studies have shown that in regards to engagement, video generally has a much higher click-through-rate when compared to other forms of media. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, Google’s algorithm does add significant weight to engagement metrics such as page-view time. 

Another benefit is of course that if your video’s descriptions tie the video hosted on YouTube to your website, then it’s likely a number of the video’s viewers will also follow the relevant links through to your webpage – increasing your website’s traffic.

Additionally, it’s essential to understand that YouTube also uses a similar keyword-based system to establish relevance to the videos uploaded to the platform. Accordingly, if your video is appearing in Google’s SERP, then it must be successfully competing for some associated keyword. Thankfully, Google’s algorithm is intelligent enough to then make the association between your businesses’ video on YouTube and your broader brand – further establishing your business as relevant to the keywords associated with the video.


Explainer Videos by Kashu


As you can see, there are plenty of indirect benefits an Explainer Video can bestow on your website’s SEO. However, for any of these indirect benefits to begin to occur, you need to be sure you have an engaging Explainer Video that people want to watch – that’s where we come in! 

Here at Kashu, we specialize in producing bespoke animated Explainer Videos; over the last few years, we’ve created over 10,000 of these videos for clients across the globe. We’ve worked with multi-national corporations such as Vodafone, KFC, and even Microsoft – so you know we’re serious about what we do! 

So, if you’re looking for an engaging and bespoke animated Explainer Video that has the potential to help boost your website’s SEO – simply fill in our contact form. One of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible with an affordable quote and answers to your most burning questions! 

On average it takes the team here at Kashu roughly 25-29 days to bring a professional 30-second video to completion. With that being said, depending on the length of the video as well as its content, this can vary greatly.  If your business is planning a longer video, or perhaps needs a quicker turn-around on a project, don’t hesitate to get in contact – we’ll see what we can do to help! 

Behind the Scenes: How Explainer Videos are Made

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Explainer Videos are short, usually animated videos that combine engaging, visual content with a clear and concise voiceover. An increasingly popular marketing tool, Explainer videos allow businesses to capture their target audience’s attention and explain their idea, product, or service in a short amount of time and a straightforward manner.

At Kashu, we’ve developed a straightforward and step-by-step creative process to produce high-quality, custom Explainer Videos. For a behind the scenes look at how Explainer Videos are made in-house at the Kashu beehive, check out each stage of process below.




Before we begin work on your custom Explainer Video, we’ll ask you for a creative brief to gain a clear idea of your brand and its products or services. This level of understanding is crucial for our team to create an effective video unique to your business and will, therefore, discuss your vision in detail with you.

Our creative bees will then brainstorm to come up with a definitive plan of action for your Explainer video and work with you to ensure we’re all on the same page in terms of the concept. 




A well-written and structured script is paramount to your Explainer video being super-effective. At Kashu, we can work with an existing script, or our creative bees can develop a concise and engaging script for you as an extra service.

Explainer videos often inform, educate, or identify a problem before explaining how the businesses products or services provide a solution. Good questions to ponder on when writing a script include: Who is the Explainer Video aimed at? What specific problems do they face? And what are the benefits of your service or product?

Armed with insight from your creative brief and the brainstorming stage of the process, we are able to apply our writing skills to develop a unique script for your business. Our creative bees will ensure it is fit for purpose, easy-to-understand, will resonate with your target audience and encourage conversions.


Voiceover Recording


Once the new script is complete or we’ve tweaked your existing one to perfection, one of our voiceover artists at the beehive will record a reading of the script. All of our voiceover artists are professional and have years of experience delivering clear and concise recordings.

As a business that operates internationally, Kashu can offer voiceovers in several accents and languages including Spanish, Dutch, German, and French as well as English.


Sketches, Storyboarding & Style Sampling


The design stage is another crucial element as to how Explainer Videos are made. We split this stage into three sections, and our team of creative bees work behind the scenes sketching, storyboarding, and style sampling before the animation begins.

Our team spends time sketching the concept to develop a clearer vision of the project and spend time constructing a storyboard to ensure the Explainer Video follows the narrative and steers the intended audience towards converting. This section involves drawing the video out scene-by-scene before style sampling.

Awesome design is key to appeal to and resonate with the targeted audience. We work closely with you to ensure the characters and other elements of the video compliment the tone and message of your brand. Take a look at our diverse portfolio for examples of the different styles of animation we can produce at Kashu.




Once we finalize the design stage and we’ve worked with our client to decide on a particular style of 2D animation, it’s time to bring in the animator bees! We work hard to illustrate the narrative outlined by the script and to convey your business’s message. 

Simplicity is key at this stage to ensure visual appeal and create clear and concise animation that compliments the voiceover rather than distracting the attention away from it. The creative bees at Kashu can make the most complex of ideas into straightforward and engaging videos.


Music and Sound Effects


Professional sound quality is a crucial stage of the Explainer Video creative process. A poorly recorded voiceover or badly mixed music that is either too loud, quiet or sounds like it was recorded underwater can cause people to click off your video.

At Kashu, we have a team of talented musical bees who provide quality audio to our explainer videos. During this point in the creative process, they work hard to add suitable royalty-free music to strengthen the impact of the video as well as high-quality sound effects if required.


Final Editing Stage


In the final editing stage, we spend time combining the audio and visual elements and ensure each frame of the Explainer video is perfect!

Throughout the process, we keep our clients in the loop in terms of the direction and progress of the Explainer Video with our clients. The Kashu team pride ourselves on developing fantastic working relationships and allow for as many revisions as necessary. Clients are also able to access all files regarding their project throughout the process.


Explainer Videos by Kashu


At Kashu, our Explainer Videos are made custom to each client by our experienced team following our straightforward and well-refined creative process. We’ve created over 10,000 Explainer Videos and Corporate Animations for international brands such as Office 365, Vodafone, and KFC.

For an engaging and custom Explainer Video, simply fill in our contact form with as many details as you can around your Explainer Video idea and we’ll reply shortly with a quote and any further questions!

It takes an average of 25 to 29 days to complete professional 30-second video at the beehive. However, this can vary depending on the complexity and length of the video. If your business is planning a longer video or requires a quicker turn-around, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do! 


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Today…we’re talking storyboards. If you’re thinking of getting a video made, it’s likely you’re familiar with the concept. Not so much? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. See, you can’t just dive in headfirst, throw a few shots together and hope for the best. That’s a recipe for disaster. As with anything else in life, planning is vital. Ever thought of what a house would look like without the initial blueprint? Not pretty. That’s for sure.
Here at Kashu, we firmly believe that storyboard design helps you to determine whether a concept will work or not. A well-crafted, professional storyboard also helps you work out the right direction to take, provide notes to animators and more. Most importantly, it gives you a clear view on how the whole 2D animation will flow and unfold.
Ever been in a position where you’re trying to explain something, but everyone just looks at you funny? A storyboard makes visualizing a lot easier.
Think of it like a comic book. Before it comes to life, it needs to have structure. It’s the best way to share your vision with others, and show them what the video should look like. It makes the whole production process so much easier, acting as a starting point or timeline with all the angles, shot types, design and characters that should be incorporated.
There are multiple stages to the storyboarding process. First, we deliver a rough sketch a little like this one over here to confirm that the end-product will be as you envision it. Once that’s approved, we’ll go ahead with the character setups Those look a little something like this . Once THAT’S approved…the entire graphic storyboard can be set into motion – like this one over here.
It also saves a whole lot of time later, preventing unnecessary revisions, seeing as the flow and shot composition are already in place. Most importantly, it helps you create your animation according to your vision. And that’s what matters!
Stay tuned for more nutty advice from the team here at


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You know the saying: “Actions speak louder than words”. Right? Well, sometimes, WORDS speak way louder than any action in any situation! Think of the best beer commercial you’ve ever seen in your life. Consider the gripping, husky voice and powerful sentences that made you crave that tantalizing sip of beer. How about those emotive car ads? Health commercials? Travel app ads?
The power of the voice can change everything. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right voiceover artist, for all the right reasons. He or she needs to be selected very wisely for the video or 2D animation at hand. The world is full of highly skilled voiceover artists whose talents lie in varying tones. For example, the comedic upbeat guy’s voice won’t work for an emotive health commercial. In the same breath, the emotive health commercial guy’s voice won’t work for the funny advert. That doesn’t mean they’re not both perfect for a job in their own unique way.
Think of a voice you can’t stand to hear. Now, imagine that on an explainer video or 2D animation? As a viewer, you’ll be subconsciously driven away from a product if it leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth…and ears! A weak / mismatched voice can turn any production from “PRO” to “NO” in a matter of seconds!
The right voice reassures viewers that you’re an honest, reliable company. It’s all about relating to your audience while conveying credibility and authority. Most importantly, you need to be memorable. Awesome voiceovers can change an explainer video or 2D animation video completely. After all, the voice is the root of the power of persuasion.
Here at Kashu, we have access to an impressive network of incredibly talented and passionate voiceover artists. Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German and English. Serious, funny, or seriously funny. You name it, you can have it. Don’t let your hard work fall to the sidelines. The right voiceover accelerates the success of your video, making you look like a pro instantly. Get in touch with the Kashu team today. We’re ready to let “the power of the voice” redefine your next video.


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⦁ 60% of site visitors will watch any available videos BEFORE resorting to reading text.
⦁ 56% of consumers agree that any company that has a website, should definitely have a video too.
⦁ One minute of video is worth 1.8 MILLION words – according to Forrester Research.
⦁ 80% of consumers agree that watching a video is a vital part of learning how a service works or what a company offers.
⦁ Users spend an average of 16 minutes a month watching video ads online.
⦁ YouTube’s search engine is the 2nd most popular on the planet. In fact, it’s larger and more popular than Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask put together. Now, THAT’S powerful.
⦁ Customer testimonials, explainer tutorials and demonstration videos are all the most effective types of video content, according to a whopping 50% of marketers.
⦁ Got video content? People will stay on your site for 2 minutes longer.
Still not convinced? We don’t know what else to say. It’s clear that video is changing the face of the world, and if you haven’t hopped on the visual bandwagon yet, now might be a good time! Need a helping hand? Our creative team is ready to assist.


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So. You want to grow your business. The first step is growing your customer base. But…what’re the best B2B customer acquisition strategies to make this a reality? Easy.

We cannot express the importance of this enough. Did we say SEO? Well, boosting your search engine optimization goes hand in hand with upping your game and sending customers flocking in likes moths to the flame. In this day and age, you need to be mobile friendly, provide tons of SEO optimized content and keep the eye-candy at a high. Animated explainer videos are key here!

⦁ Engage

It’s vital to build relationships to ensure a successful strategy. What better way than an interesting promo animation video. In a perfect world, people would simply fall for your site and make a purchase without hesitation. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to work a little harder than that. Use Social Media to your advantage, monitor and respond to what consumers have to say about your competitors, and refine your offerings accordingly!


It’s easy, really. If at first you don’t succeed…there’s probably a reason why. Don’t try and try again if it’s doing nothing to boost your business. Do your homework, and find out what strategies work for what companies. The results will speak for themselves! 


By | Explainer Videos, Marketing & Strategy
How animation helps your rankings
It’s safe to say that most people in today’s world grew up watching animations. Maybe not your GREAT Uncle Bob, but your Uncle Bob for sure. If you’re selling lemonade, and Uncle Bob wants lemonade, why would he buy yours when the guy next door is selling it? The guy-next-door’s lemonade isn’t as good as yours. However, he showed Uncle Bob a cool cartoon animation convincing him to get lemonade. Get it? Got it.
So, people like animations. They like being engaged, and it makes them think of their childhood. Animated videos for your business are a very, very delicious idea. It allows you to deliver your message in a quick and simple way, without getting overly-complex. That’s where a pro wordsmith comes in, saying 1000 words in about 150.
Animation motivates buyers more, while improving search rankings. They bring even the most mundane of websites to life, drawing people in, in a minute or less. Need more time? Make a longer video. But not too long. Short is sweet, and sweet is king.
Animated videos allow you to inform AND entertain at the same time. Uncle Bob was thirsty, and the guy-next-door’s video made him laugh. Double whammy. Yummy AND funny. Animated explainer videos show your personality, acting as your tireless salesman 24/7. Such videos are easy to share, and help you stay on trend.
What’s not to love about animated explainer videos?
Kashu has a whole team of bees ready to make yours. If you’re ready, of course.