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Simple Character Rig with Duik in After Effects (for Beginners)

The character rig is the first thing you must learn to animate characters in After Effects. In this guide, we’ll learn the basics and rig a simple character illustration. You can download the vector graphics used in this tutorial for free from For the rigging we will be using the plugin Duik, so make sure you download and install it on your Adobe After Effects.

1. Preparation

Once you download your illustration and open it in Adobe Illustrator, you have to separate all the layers that we’ll be rigging. Make sure that each part is on its own layer.

2. Rename

Once you’ve separated the layers, it’s time to import the file in After Effects. Rename and parent the layers as it’s shown in the video. 

3. Anchor Point

Use the Anchor Point tool to move the anchor point to where you want to have the bending. Start with the wrist, then the elbow, and then the shoulder. Think of the anchor point as a joint around which the movement will happen. To test if the anchor point is at the right place, rotate the shape with the help of the rotation tool. 

4. Autorig

Select the thee part of the arm that you want to right and click on Auto-rig and IK

6. Repeat

Complete the exact same steps on the next arm and the feet. Your character is now rigged!

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