about us

The People Behind the Creative Honey
…Or as most people like to say, “About Us”

Welcome to Kashu! We’re super glad you’re here. Why Kashu, you ask? Well, you could say we’re slightly on the “nutty” side. Creative masterpieces are nutty, after all. We mean, what would a chicken korma be without cashews?

We are a nutty, out-of-the-box thinking team of creative gurus. Think of us as the worker bees behind your project. Bees are far more organized and hard-working than homosapians, not to mention creative (seriously, look at those sassy hexagons) Just like bees, everything we do happens in-house. We work tirelessly to make your honey (we mean…animation) just plain awesome from start to finish.

We’ve got a bee for every type of honey-licious job you can think of. Videographers, designers, storyboard artists, voiceover artists and scriptwriters. We’ve been buzzing around and making the industry a happier, sweeter place for more than 6 years. In other words, we’ve been around long enough to know our buzz, but short enough to understand the way in which the world is changing.

We don’t “bee” around the bush. We’ve made delicious visual honey for more than 1000 brands, including Microsoft, Nissan, Vodafone, Shockblaze and more. When it comes to producing high-end animation that knocks the bees out of people’s bonnets – we’re the Queen Bees. Been there, done that. Bought a couple of t-shirts too – but bees don’t always need those.

our honey

We could buzz on all day about how awesome we are, but that’ll probably just make you buzz off. Check out the honey we’ve produced over the past 6 years.

Yep, we sure do know how to get our buzz on. Whether you want a “Bee Movie” or “Great Gats-bee production” – we’ve got your back when it comes to bee-licious animation.

JTI Studio – Neka budem tuk
Not for weak minded