…Or as most people like to say, “About Us”

Welcome to Kashu! We’re super glad you’re here. Why Kashu, you ask? Well, you could say we’re slightly on the “nutty” side. Creative masterpieces are nutty, after all. We mean, what would a chicken korma be without cashews?

It’s a Bee’s Life

You know how it goes. You start off small, with big dreams. Some bees don’t make it, veering off track and drowning in spider-webs of confusion. Other bees work to the bone (you know, if bees had bones) Our team stuck to the status quo for a while, serving one queen in a corporate prison/hive.
Then, we got bored. We broke out of our hive, on the hunt for something more. Something that would allow us to serve multiple queens (or Kings!) in multiple hives. No matter what hive you as a King or Queen run, it’s our job to make it fancier than Iggy Azalea’s rapping skills.
Finally, our wings were released and we started flying. And here we are now, ready to serve you, being on our best bee-havior at all times.

How we Make our Honey

Everyone likes honey. Well, unless you’re a honeyphobic. Is that even a word? Our honey is sweet, smooth, and leaves your customers craving more. Easy peasy, honey squeezy. Check out our honey-making process:
Drop us a line, so we can collect the pollen and get down to video buzziness.

Say hello

Drop us a line, so we can collect the pollen and get down to video buzziness.


Let the honey brew

Our brainy bees will start conceptualizing, putting our best ideas on paper for you. We drop the mic, as you realize it’s the best-looking honey you ever did see.



Our writer bees will put finger to keyboard, making your explainer video idea come to life.


Storyboard Time

Next, the designer bees step into the spotlight, making basic drawings of what each scene of the explainer video will look like. Feast your eyes on that load of honey, honey.


The Bees Speak

We’ve invited bees with the sleekest voices into our hive, who will professionally record your script in a ton of languages and accents. Bet you never knew bees were so multitalented, huh?


Your explainer video

And now, ladies and gentlebees, the explainer video honey is served. Our kickass animators will animate the beeswax out of your video.

our honey

We could buzz on all day about how awesome we are, but that’ll probably just make you buzz off. Check out the honey we’ve produced over the past 6 years.

Yep, we sure do know how to get our buzz on. Whether you want a “Bee Movie” or “Great Gats-bee production” – we’ve got your back when it comes to bee-licious animation.

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We’re just small bees in a big world, trying to make the planet a sweeter place – one mouth-watering jar of honey at a time. Staying inspired keeps our wings flapping and our honey-makin’ machines movin’. We’re not gonna say we post “all day err’ day”, but we post pretty often. So, keep your eyes peeled for a ton of cool ish right here. Unless you’re a bird. We value our lives as bees!

12 Aug19:56
12 Aug19:56
Aug 2017
Aug 2017

The Purpose Of The Storyboard

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The Power of the Voice

You know the saying: “Actions speak louder than words”. Right? Well, sometimes, WORDS speak way louder than any action in…

Our bees are ready to bumble about and make the sweetest honey you ever did taste. So, drop us a line today, and let’s sting your competitor’s ego once and for all.
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